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    Youtube Offroad Series' - what's your fav?

    So since I have cut the cable, and only have Amazon Prime so far, I've been using my Roku 3 to watch some Youtube stuff. There is some neat ones and I'd like to find more, but most of youtube is just novice guys like myself who may not even have music on their video and no editing. What's out there that is fun to watch? I could expand the criteria to nearly anything gearhead related.

    I've been watching Dirt Every Day with Fred Williams, and others by user wayalife as (mostly) he documents the JK Experience.
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    Not off road specific, but I watch Mighty Car Mods, B is for Build, and a couple motovloggers.
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    This. Not a lot of true off road stuff, but it's still a ton of fun to watch.

    And Dirt Every Day.

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    I like watching the rock bouncers.. bustedknuckle seems to do pretty well
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    I've been watching some of MadRam... something or another on his coverage of the rock bouncers. Pretty insane.

    Found one today from an Aussie wheeling down-under. Not crazy entertaining, but interesting to watch the different rigs and terrain.

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    Expedition Overland. Clay is over the top dramatic but they have done some pretty amazing overland trips to some far away places
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    look for a guy named Devon, afrothunder, yeah wierd name, but trust me he shoots some cool stuff, offroad racing to hillclimb, to dirt rally stuff.
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