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Thread: Rubicon Trip

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    Rubicon Trip

    I'm trying to put together a trip to the Rubicon next month in conjunction with a stop at the Reno Air Races. I'll have the family in tow with my trailer to haul the gear. What do I need to know besides how to get there? We're planning on camping with an occasional night in the motel 6.

    I've done some reading on Pirate, but thought I'd solicit ideas from folks here.

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    Pics or Ban.

    You know the rules.
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    Like planning pics? me in a hotel room surfing the net reading about it in my unmentionables?

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    double check the Friends of the Rubicon website calendar and make sure that there aren't any big runs happening at the same time you are headed out. I would also suggest getting a early start on the trail as possible as it can stack up on the trail.

    Really do make sure your rig is in tip top shape, that trail sucks trying to get out of if a breakdown happens.

    I personally like camping at Rubicon Springs, I think it is worth the few bucks to stay the night there with some amenities.

    Take lot of pics and then post them.
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    I've ran it. The entire trail can be done in a day, but a lot of people like to take their time and camp overnight. I would want a safe spot to stash the trailer. There's a good number of miscreants up there. I would run it after the air show just in case you break -- so you don't miss the races.

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    When--- I live an hours away. I have only done the first mile from Loon Lake to the ledges area. Lots of people on this trail
    I have been wanting to try the Wentworth Springs entrance (original entrance) to Ellis Creek and then exit at Loon.

    My trip to the Rubicon, in my Tacoma was long and slow, one being my truck is a daily driver and two the guy I went with was a Newb and had a street tire equipped, no lifted Exterra Pro4x. Took us 3 hours to go a mile.

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    I checked the calendar. I see events on the weekends prior and the weekend after, but I'm thinking I'll run in the middle of the week, so no conflict there.

    Rig is running good, and I'm and mechanic (I've wrenched professionally on everything from bikes to heavy equipment, auto transmissions, airplanes, extensive recovery experience) so I'm not terrified of a recovery or breakdown.

    Can I camp at Rubicon Springs and park my trailer there? It's just a small expo type rig although I hate to use that term since it sounds poser-ish. It's a small trailer made from the bed of a short-bed MJ pickup. It hauls the camp gear so my family of 4 can all ride in the Jeep. I'd like to park the trailer at a campsite and wheel for the day, then come back and make dinner and have a beer.

    The races aren't necessarily the priority. I'd love to see them, but I've been there before so if I were to miss them it wouldn't be the end of the world. Plus the big race is on the weekend and the trail will be packed with some event so I don't want to be there anyway.

    Any other thoughts???

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    Looking into Rubicon Springs camping but curious if anyone has other suggestions.

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    It's not really a "set up camp and go wheel" type of trail. We spent four nights on the trail with two layover days, Buck Island Lake and Runicon Springs. I really enjoyed doing it that way as we got to just hang, hike, paddle around, fish and enjoy the area. I would strongly recemond at least one night camping, both areas were really cool to spend time at. The only tricky places to find the right trail/direction are the granit slabs of Super Bowl, the bypass for little sluice (bypass assumed given solo/trailer) and the camber granite slabs vs Old Sluice. Once you reach Buck Island lake the trail is obvious for the remainder.

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    Digging up an old thread...

    I never did make this trip, but I'm pushing to do it this year. Any more suggestions?

    The whole fam damily wants to go. Which is cool except that dragging a family of 4 through the trail with a nights worth of camping gear in my YJ may be a challenge. I'd rather not have the trailer dragging behind me so I can run the fun stuff. I will probably have one buddy with a 4runner on 34s and another with a TJ on 35s, so maybe I can stash some stuff in their rigs.

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    I ran it a few times 20 years ago, you'll love it. I always went in at Loon Lake via Ice House Rd, camped at Spider Lake, then went out by Rubicon Springs and Cadillac Hill, then home. You may want to run it both directions if you leave your trailer at one end or the other, because I don't recall an easy alternate route to get from one end to the other. I don't know what has changed over the past 20 years regarding parking at Loon Lake if it'd be OK to leave the trailer or not. The camping options may have changed too. Back then my campsite was just up the hill from Little Sluice and we'd walk over to see the entertainment whenever we heard someone bashing into the rocks

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    Hey Tony - have you gone yet? Jeep Jamboree just ended, Sierra Trek is happening now.
    You can leave your trailer at Loon Lake either before the lake or at the trail head there is usually parking, or if you want Ice House Resort or Uncle Toms to watch it, they will, but they charge you a daily fee.
    It's hot up there this time of year. But it does get a little chilly at night. You don't need a lot of camping gear, but you must take something to float in the lake or the springs with - like a swan, unicorn, or just an innertube (lame).
    Little sluice has been blown up, and there is a bypass.
    Big Sluice has a couple of big obstacles, but if you have rock rails and a locker, or an e-brake, you can make it through.
    Cadillac Hill was concreted in a few years ago because the trail was eroding bad enough it needed it.
    Remember to float the river in your flotation device in Tahoe once your off the trail!
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