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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Ok, everything else still applies. I wasn't offering a review as I haven't lived with one for a long period yet. Just offering up what I had learned this far.
    Yup. I appreciated the reply. I didn't mean for it to sound otherwise.
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    I put a tankless in our place 2 years ago, but it is a gas model. I would recommend going for the condensing option if you ever get one, you still end up redoing your exhaust tubing, but the unit itself has condensate setup built in, and since the exhaust is already conditioned, it just uses PVC piping and can even vent out a wall. The only time we notice it is when we use the kitchen sink as its the longest run and there is a 3-4 second delay before hot water actually makes it out of the unit. But we also have had 3 people take a shower all at once before and didn't even question it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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    Long day. Ran Slaughterhouse again with a group from TacomaWorld, then ended up running Red Cone with 3 of the guys after since we had plenty of dayling and hadn't had our fill

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    Went up yankee boy basin this afternoon. There are some leaves changing . Very few, but, its hapnin
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Worked another long, hot day at the new property yesterday. Then the storm rolled though. Holy crap! The lightning was awesome. It was like a very bright blue light was constantly flickering. There were only seconds, if that, between the flashes, and that lasted for about 30 minutes. And it dumped close to an inch and a half of water in that time. Mostly rain, but a little hail.

    Took a break this morning to tend to my wife who is sick. Sucks she feels bad during this stressful time, and that she can not provide much help because of it. And that is stressing her out more. And honestly, I could care less, and just want to see her happy/healthy. The work and the moving will get done when it gets done. That being said, I need to get going to the paint store to pick up my order or the new fencing will never get stained.
    Aw man hopefully she feels better soon, I bet having such a big move and feeling sick must be overwhelming

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