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    ALERT: CMC Rampart Wildands Project - wildnerness area proposal

    <Apologies if this is a duplicate, the search engine appeared to not work when I tried to find an existing topic.>

    This is a cross-post that I put in the MTB forums, it affects all of us.

    This purpose of this post is to start getting the word spread to the MTB/OHV community about a group proposing a wilderness area North of Palmer Lake and Balanced Rock Road, East of Rampart Range Road, and South of Sedalia. The area is bounded on the East by private property.

    Read about it here.

    Saturday, they are meeting at the Palmer Lake trailhead to do a BioBlitz, it's purpose, from their website, is to find rare and endangered plants/animals and use that to push a wildneress or other restrictive designation on this area. If you can, show up in the parking lot 7am Saturday and respectfully but firmly let them know you disapprove.

    There is a ton of fantastic riding up there - the airplane loop is in the proposed area, as well as many dozens of miles of non-systemized trails that would be closed. No new trails would be allowed. I know of quite a few OHV roads in that area that are legal, and there was and still is atv/mc trails being used that were build/put there by the OHV crowd that probably should be grandfathered in.

    Friends of Monument Preserve has met with these guys and they use sentences like "We'll leave the legal trails open", but that means anything not in the USFS system will be off limits. Then they try to pit the non-motorized crowd against the dirt bikes and OHV crowd - several of us on the FOMP board dirt bike so that didn't fly either. They also partnered with the town of Palmer Lake to reroute Ice Cave Creek trail to the Pike boundary, claiming to build a multi-use trail. It is not bikable, not even downhill, so their actions are exclusionary and devisive.

    Please read up on these guys, use your contacts to spread the word, and oppose their actions best you can. We are working with some Monument/Palmer Lake folks to get a website up as a clearing house for info on current status of this, and who to contact in the USFS/gov/towns of PL/Sedalia/Castle Rock to oppose it. I'll post up here with more info as that comes into existance. Meanwhile, biking the airplane loop Saturday morning and speaking to these folks would be great if you have time.

    We plan to partner with all responsible user-groups of Pike Forest, and oppose this from as many angles as we can. OHV/ATV/MC groups are becoming aware, the Town of Palmer Lake is very aware now and the council has caught them being dishonest, and others are getting involved.

    Regards and once we get a website up to disseminate info I'll reply here.

    (p.s. used to be on here a few years ago, Nord, have a 1978 F350 Crew/Cummins repower that I posted about a while ago.)
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