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    Course/tracking app trial on first run.

    We loaded up the Titan with the bikes and headed down to Texas creek for my first run on the WR. Bike felt great. Plenty enough for what I need. FI would be nice though.

    Had a good time riding almost all by ourselves.

    I was trying out an app my buddy suggested and I really dig it. It's the free version so it kept running time through our lunch vs stopping when motion stopped like it's supposed to. But it gps laid out or path with mile markers and where we ran at what speeds. Super cool and look forward to using it again. Wish I had remembered to use it the second run.

    Just boogie

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    Your app is says you were mountain biking when clearly you were riding a motorcycle

    Looks like you had a good time
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    Haha ya it's a bike App it works pretty well for this too.

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