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    Crested Butte trails

    We'll be in Crested Butte all next week and will be bringing the Jeep along for a couple of trail rides. I know of the big ones, Taylor, Pearl and Schofield. What else is out there? I saw a trail that goes over Gunsight pass on mapquest. Is this an open 4wd road? How is it? I'm not worried about my Jeep making it through, my daughter does get a little uneasy on serious shelf roads though and I don't want to scare her away from wheeling all together.

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    Here is a list of the trails I know about in that area:

    Crested Butte/Marble/Aspen:
    Annie Basin (Aspen)*
    Gothic (to Schofield Pass)
    Marble to Crystal
    Washington Gulch Road (to Schofield Pass)*
    Cottonwood Creek*
    Diemer and Sellar Lakes (Frying Pan/east of Aspen)*
    Dry Fork Minnesota (Paonia)*
    Frying Pan Ridge (Frying Pan/east of Aspen)*
    Flat Top*
    Lincoln Creek *
    Richmond Hill (Aspen)*
    Slate River/Paradise Divide
    (to Schofield Pass)
    Slaughterhouse Gulch
    (Taylor Res. to Tin Cup)
    Smuggler Mountain/Warren Lakes*
    Texas Creek (east of Taylor Res.)*
    Union Park (south of Taylor Res.)*
    Cement Cr./Reno Divide/Italian Cr.
    East Brush Creek*
    Lead King Basin

    A lot of these are on, several are in the Wells book a few are from other sources (including just looking at maps).
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    A quick search for Gunsight Pass found several listings on hiking and mountain biking sites all referencing the old 4x4 road but unclear as to whether the road is open to vehicles or not. It is not listed on It is listed on but they have no current information on it.

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    Gunsight pass is not open to 4x4. You can go up a little ways on the CB side but it is closed not far up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1slowyj View Post
    Gunsight pass is not open to 4x4. You can go up a little ways on the CB side but it is closed not far up.
    That sucks. Thanks for the info though.

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    Yea it sucks but there are a lot of trails to run in that area. Cement creek will take you towards Taylor Park, Italian shelf, and Italian pass. Italian shelf is optional if you dont like narrow shelf roads. I did it in a Grand Cherokee on 31s. But it is narrow.

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    Just got back. Damn that's a beautiful area. Didn't find anything very technical but there's tons of trails heading all over the place up there. Most of them see very little use and the sinage is pretty much non existent so I'm sure we missed a ton of good stuff.

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    Yea I made the mistake of doing Italian pass in a jeep that measures 7' scrub to scrub. It scared the shit out of me and my copilot! Most of those trails are nice for narrow short WB rides, have fun tho its beautiful up there!
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    My wife gets pretty bad anxiety on shelf roads and my older daughter kinda freaks out. There were a couple of decent shelf sections on both sides of Scofield pass that they did good on and I think helped my daughter to realize that we wouldn't actually roll over and die just because there's a drop off.

    I pointed out Red Cone on our way back over Kenosha pass, got a big "NO F'ING WAY" on that one.

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