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    $hit ya!!!!!!!

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    Got the gauges finished up!

    Hooked em up and everything works!

    Still chuggin along on the small stuff. Just picked up the last of my fluids for driveline. Amsoil MTG for the NV4500, $16/quart. Eeek!

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    Nicely done! You have a "wait to start" light?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74BuckinBronc View Post
    Nicely done! You have a "wait to start" light?
    Nope. The middle light is the high beam (blue). But the grid heater is on a momentary switch with an indicator on the switch. Not sure when I'll get to mounting the switches, as I'm putting them on the back burner until I get the truck running!

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    Mini Update:

    Got the pump timed and locked in place. I put the engine at TDC when I put the head on some 3 years ago, and it was still there haha. Once the pump was timed I was able to adjust the valves (need to turn the engine to adjust all the valves).

    Now I just need to add some oil and turn it over to see if I get oil pressure. This thing is sooooo freaking close to being able to fire up. I'm working on getting my fuel manifold finished up (that might hold me up now). I'm going to stop by the local maker space tonight. They have a couple bridgports, CNC mills, and a lathe. Not a bad setup, I really miss having access to a machine shop!

    I'm shooting for first fire by the end of May.

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    cant wait to see this thing running!
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