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    Diablo 3 players?

    Diablo III came out this month on the 15th. anyone else out there playing this game? I've always been a die hard D2 player. Been waiting for D3 to come out for months now. If anyones playing and wants to run game quest with me. my battle tag to add me as a friend is Brad4x4#1889. add me as a friend and add the messege "Co4x4 member" so i know whos who. so far i'm a level 23 Wizzard.

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    I've been dying to play but my graphics card isn't up to par, as soon as I upgrade my son and I will be playing. Have been waiting for years D3 and the walkthru's look good.
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    I got it and my computer can barely run it. It bogs down to crap frame rate a lot and is hard to play. I have to upgrade soon to really enjoy it. I have a 33 demon hunter and 17 wizard. I love it though. Its a fun game. Way different than D2

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    Sounds like the hardware is a common problem. My son bought a year's subscription to Warcraft so he could get free D III...only to find that he needs some major upgrades to run it. C'est la Guerre...
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    I built a badass computer in anticipation of this game releasing 3 years ago. Still runs the game on all high settings though and never bogs so I guess Im lucky.

    I have a lvl 60 Barb and a 38 Witch doctor. I took a week of vacation when the game came out lol, nerd raGGGGGEEEEE
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    Quote Originally Posted by mavdog32 View Post
    I took a week of vacation when the game came out lol, nerd raGGGGGEEEEE
    lol I did the same. I haven't played it since that week though. It was fun, but I guess I was expecting more? It's seriously just D2 with slightly better graphics.
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