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Thread: haulihg thread

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    haulihg thread

    in the last 4 weekends I have put 7000 miles on my truck and trailer, somebody out there needs or wants something hauled
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    Just saw this. Might be kinda nice addition to the classifieds for people needing parts etc moved from one area of the state to the other or possibly even one state to another. For instance this year I will be going to WI at least 2x & MI at leasst 1x. If someone threw gas money at me I might could take stuff for them or even go more. Might possibly go other places as well.
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    If you want something hauled start a thread in the Wanted forum. If you want to make money hauling stuff don't start a thread anywhere on the board.

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    I hauled 3 amc 401's from den to chicago for x each a cj7 tub to chicago from moab for xxx and jeep bed for x00 to someplace in Iowa. nobody could get there junk for less money by themselves xx00 in delivery charges and I spent x00 in fuel and gone for 3 days I'm not making money. If everybody paid a buck a mile I'd be making money
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    The DOT and all the Lawyers out there don't care if you're losing money. If you take money even for gas you're taking on a butt load of liability and come under DOT regulations. The guys around here are always packing as many Jeeps and people into one rig as they can and splitting the costs. If the driver has a wreck and injures one of the riders he's in a world of hurt because he's hauling them for hire. I went through one of these in 1971, the cops even asked if anyone in the car gave me beer, bought lunch, bought gas, etc. They even wanted to know if anyone was going to do anything for me in the future. Luckily I was hauling a bunch of freeloaders that never paid or did anything for anybody.

    I'm sure the board has their own agenda which has nothing to do with you getting sued. I'm just throwing this out as something for you to think about. Something as simple as hauling a bolt across town for someone and getting a couple of bucks can open a big can of worms.

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