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    break, fix, repeat

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    My step-son sent this to me last night. It made me think of the crew here.

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    (Well, I'm takin' my time) I'm just movin' along
    You'll forget about me after I've been gone
    (And I take what I find) I don't want no more It's just outside of your front door

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    blues rock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
    blues rock
    Actually blues blue. Rock rocks.
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    Love this gals voice
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    Being a huge country music fan, I have been highly disappointed with what is being spewed out as country these days. But back in my High School days, the one singer/songwriter that I felt captured the style best was Chris Ledoux. Rodeos, cattle, horses, wide open spaces...The cowboy way of life. Mischievous perhaps, but usually moral.

    We lived in TX '06-'09 and I got hooked on Red Dirt/TX country as it was much better that what we being played on local radio. And I have been following it pretty closely since.

    So Saturday while I was working around the house I was streaming my favorite Red Dirt station "The Ranch" out of DFW and I hear this familiar voice. Couldn't be... I ask Google who is singing this song and I was shocked to hear it was Ned Ledoux, Chris' son!! And it is uncanny how similar their voices are. The best part is Ned is building on the foundation his dad started in that his songs are of a similar style! That makes me very happy!!!

    Oh and God Bless Chris Ledoux!!

    Not the best video, I will admit, but here is his most popular song.
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    Found this to be extremely cool....

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    Mongolian Metal Band "The Hu". Not sure I would call this 'metal' but I dig it. \m/
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    awesome cover of the new slipknot song by one of the trivium members. I'd love to hear Corey Taylor do an acoustic version

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