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    Rubicon Express VS Rough Country

    Hey guys! Quick poll- I have a 93 YJ that came to me with a new RC 4 inch lift. I've always liked Rubicon Express stuff, and have been thinking about stripping it off and replacing it with the same 4.5 extreme duty kit I had on the last YJ. Cost is an issue, so I'm thinking maybe RC isn't so bad. Anybody have opinions on it?

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    RE is now part of the 4WP empire of mediocre stuff...Take that for whatever it's worth. I've heard better things about RC recently than in the past, but I'm not sure whether that's because they've gotten better, or because the rest of the field doesn't do quality any longer (see my RE comment).
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    If it aint broke.... Dont fix it. Just my opinion.
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    Didn't we just do this?

    How did airing down work?

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    I used and liked RE "leaf springs". I also really like Black Diamond leafs.

    As far as RC, I just installed a LA upgrade kit on my ZJ and will stand by their product as pretty nice stuff now. I will be ditching my saggy RE coils asap and probably go with RC.

    I know it's not comparing the leafs, which is your question, but due to the title I thought I would hijack that in there.

    IMO, RE has been an overpriced out sourced product for a long time and probably will contiue to be.

    RC had the nicest and knowledgable tech I had talked to in a long time. All of their products packaging also was labled "made in USA".
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    If it ain't broke don't fix it applies. IMO. If u got money burning a hole why not spend it on lockers, gears, on board air, bumpers, winch???? Something...Anything it doesn't have.
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    For your YJ, I gotta go with BDS or some Alcan's. Just to throw some more options on the table for you!


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    I have RC stuff... some of it is nice, some is complete garbage...

    trackbars = GARBAGE
    LA kit = not terrible, but the bushings are shit
    shocks = not bad (kinda stiff)
    springs = fine (kinda stiff)
    steering stabilizer = great.
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    Rough Country parts for coil sprung vehicles aren't the same as leaf sprung.

    RC leaf springs live up to their name. If the OP had just added to his original thread about the rough ride we would all know that.

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    I had a 4" RC on my YJ and it did great for the price, it was a little stiff, but hey cheap shocks and leaf springs, that's what you get. If you're going to replace it with another kit I would go BDS, like Yucca said, RE just went out of business then got bought by 4wd
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