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    Eaton E-locker VS Arb

    I have a 88 YJ with Dana 44's. I am currently deployed and a couple months ago did my research on the lockers and I choose the Eaton. Now I have a brand new Eaton locker at my house. Now after reading more and thread surfing I am thinking I should of bought the ARB. I want to know what you guys think.

    Like I said it a 88 YJ with a Waggy 44 and Isuzu 44, 37's and 4.0 and AX-15 Trans. Thanks
    1988 YJ W/4.0HO, AW4, Waggy & Isuzu 44's, RCV shafts, Eaton E-Lockers, 5.13 gears, 37" KM2's, Front 3 link with FOA 14 inch coilovers, rear triangulated 4 link w stock TJ coils, Bilstien 7100 shocks, WB stretched to 103", Currie anti-rock sway bar, custom highline tube fenders, Rear aluminum crusher corners, TNT rear bumper and tire carrier.

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    I've been using ARB lockers in 4 differnt axles over the last 8 years, I have no complaints...
    The benefits from MILSPEC requirements are priceless!

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    Not even close arb far better product.....
    I do all my own stunts

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    IMHO ARB>ELocker...heard bad stories about warranty work/parts availability.
    08 JK - NV241OR xfer case,RIPP Gen II SC, RR bumper, M8000 winch, Olympic sliders, F/R dif skid/cover, 3.0" OME lift, Teraflex S/T sway bar disconnect, RCV front axles + ARB lockers + 4.88s, EVO front axle tubes and gussets, adj track bars, adj CAs, BFG 35" KM2s on AR Mojave's 17x8, Bushwhacker 6" fender flares.

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    I too have been pondering the smae question. The Eaton elocker got a lot of bad (some well deserved) press. I've read the version used in 8.8's is the weak ball/pin design and has issues, this lead to some early complaints. The 44 uses the colar version which is noted to be less troublesome.

    I still want to go with a elocker in my front 44 so let me know if you want to sell one of them if you go with the arb.
    -Ted Z
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    The detroit e-locker is the one that received the bad reviews. I installed an EATON E-Locker in my D60. Amazingly simple. The final powered connections took about 10 minutes. The operation of the unit is easy as well. I found it wasn't as quick when engaging or dis-engaging but overall, about 2 seconds.

    I am installing Eaton e-lockers in the wife's new pro-rock d60 and crd rear 60. Add 12 volts and you are done. No hoses, air lines, valves, etc.
    His - 1980 Jeep CJ-7 Stretched, 37 Iroks, D60/detroit rear, HD D44/detroit front, Vortec ZZ4 TBI/700r-4/D300 w 4:1, Ramsey Patriot 9500, 2" Rancho SOA, daily wuss trailer queen!

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    Been running ARB's for ~7-8 years now in just about every common axle (D30, D44, D60, 14b) and I have never once had an issue. If you take the time to set up the unit correctly and carefull/thoughtfully run the airlines they will be as reliable as any other locker out there.

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