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    Black Hills Wheeling...

    ... that isn't for buggies on 42's? Planning a trip there pretty soon and was wondering if it was worth it for guys on 33-37's. Most of the info I've found is for Hal Johns and the like. Seems like the SD crews are pretty quiet on advertising their trails. It looks like we'll be basing out of Deadwood.

    I've obviously come across, and their list of trails in the area. We'll be looking to do 4 and 4+ trails most likely, assuming that corresponds to 7's and 8's in this area. There's an awesome MVUM that shows pretty much all the trails here:

    and we were also able to find a nice color map with FS road numbers on it, but we're having a tough time putting the two together. Looking for trail recommendations and FS road #'s if you have them.
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    I went there a couple of years ago. Ran one trail, totally worth it. I ran in to the same prob as you no info readily avalible. It was called Full size, between Galena and Sturgis. From the map I think it is 172.1 I think. A trail follows a creek bed. Run the whole creek bed, super hard, you can jump in and out at many locals. I hope this helps alittle.

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    Yeah we've been looking at pictures on the bh4wheelers website and that one came up, along with Iceman, which seems to be pretty popular. There looks to be 10-15 trails in the area that we should be able to handle.

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    In the past, the guidance was to e-mail the Black Hills 4-wheelers. They're supposedly responsive and receptive of responsible wheelers coming to the area.

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    Yeah Mobcore just put up a post on their forums, we'll see what they end up saying.

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    Not only don't they not advertise, they insist you take one of them along. Ran into that last year. We didn't get much wheeling in so no help on the trails locations.


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    I've gotten some great info from the boys on, we should be good to go, if I can fix the dam sam in time!
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    when you guys heading up?
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    It's looking like we'd leave FTC Friday the 27th spend Memorial weekend there and head for home mid day Monday. We should be committed as long as Mob gets his samurai back together, he literally blew up his intermediate shaft on the way to work this morning...

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    Sounds like a fun trip Sean, what time you guys leaving friday?
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    Quote Originally Posted by drz400smoto View Post
    Sounds like a fun trip Sean, what time you guys leaving friday?
    After work, probably 5 ish, get into camp just before 11pm or so.

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    Sweet, well Im trying to figure something out for memorial day weekend since I have monday off so I might be interested. You think the trails would be alright in the runner?

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    dont forget to get your Black Hills National Forest Motorized Trail Permit... something new this year. there is more info about it in the BH4W's DTC information.

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    Thanks for the reminder, I already scoped out the buying of permits online, I think Im going for the yearly for $25

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuicideTireZJ View Post
    After work, probably 5 ish, get into camp just before 11pm or so.
    Nick posted this from my computer, so I have to correct him. If it's anything like our recent Moab trip, it'll be leave at 7, be in town by 4AM. Drew, you thinking about riding with me or bringing the 'Runner (or bike maybe?)

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    You still going with the new job?

    Id be down with any of those options, if the runner would be alright out there and I can find someone to ride with me that would probably be most fun... riding a bike with bunch of people wheeling slow is not too fun by yourself..
    I just want to do something for memorial day weekend since I have monday off!!
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    No we had to cancel, nick blew up his intermediate shaft and I have a week between my two jobs, and the weather looks like it's gonna suck. So we're gonna have to postpone the trip for a little while.

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