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    Who "certifies" a presidential candidate is eligible?

    There were several references in the now closed "It's a fake..." thread that Obama had "satisfied the federal government he was eligible to run", or words to that effect. I'd heard that wasn't true, and and asked if anyone knew the real answer, but serious discussions, and answers, are tough to find on this board.

    I think I found it, though. Obama's eligibility was certified by one... Nancy Pelosi:

    My understanding is that this document, and whatever the Republicans use (which I couldn't find), is sent to the states, who use it as sufficient documentation to put a party's nominee on the ballot. There is, from what I can tell, no federal government involvement, at all. I found a few vague references to "FBI background checks", but they seemed no more credible than the "satisfied the federal government" references in the original thread.

    Does anyone *know* whether this is true, or not? How do you know? Posted documentation earns extra credit.

    Judge? Zapp?

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    Apparently no one

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    AFAIK U R Right (WNJ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaJudge View Post
    AFAIK U R Right (WNJ).


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    Yeah to get a job with the post office requires far more doccumentation than president. It has traditionally been up to the media to vett candidates but uber fail with this one. I dont think any other cadidate has been arrogant enough to deny axcess to their records.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noahfecks View Post
    I don't think any other candidate has been arrogant enough to deny access to their records.
    Not in my lifetime of 49 yrs..

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    Quote Originally Posted by noahfecks View Post
    It has traditionally been up to the media to vett candidates but uber fail with this one.
    Not the media, the other party.

    We have an adversarial political system and therefore (in theory) any weakness in a candidate's credentials ought to be revealed by his electoral opponent(s) both in the primary races and in the general election.

    If the opposing party fails to do so then they are incompetent and we probably don't want them running things anyway, right?
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    One side can scream it all they want, if the press refuses to pick it up it goes largely unheard

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    your unknown bankers that own the fed.
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