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    Help school me on what my D44 axles need please!

    I'll try and keep this brief. I'm stuck at a cross roads with my TJ build and need advice from the experts.

    Currently I have an 06 TJ Rubicon SWB. It's got a 2" coil spacer lift with RS9000 shocks, a 1.25" JKS body lift and a 1" MM lift. I'm running 285/75R16 tires on the stock Moab wheels with Spidertrax spacers. Everything is great and I have no vibes or DW to really speak of. I don't DD the Jeep very much. It only gets 3500 miles a year and I'm light on the throttle but it seems a lof ot trails.

    My next step is to install UCF ultra high clearance skids and a Savvy gas tank skid, along with a new driveshaft, adjustable RUCA's, Currie trackbar relocation bracket, and new BDS 2" lift coils to get rid of the spacers and sagging stock coils.

    Now comes the fun part. I'm toying with the idea of going to 37's with the help of Metalcloak fenders and that's where I need some advice. What to do about my stock D44 LP axles.

    I know I'll need upgraded shafts and a regear, so I was thinking of getting RCV front axles for strength and to eliminate binding and some chromoly rears. After that I'm not sure what to do. I've read that I should sleeve and/or truss the tubes to keep them from bending. I've read that the D44 R&P will now be the weak link in my axles so I'm considering the Jana K4 kit. And I've heard the knuckles and maybe even the axle end C's are weak for 37's.

    So what do I really need and what's overkill? And what have I missed?

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    Truss the front and don't look back
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    Upgrade to a D60 before you spend too much money on your 44.

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    What kind of trails will you be running? Do you like the skinny pedal?

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    I'm in this boat too with my 2010 JK. A D60 is EXPENSIVE even if it's used so the best and most affordable thing I have found is: inner C gussets, and a nice Truss for the long side, then put in inner sleeves. There are plenty of other options but so far this is the most affordable.
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    JK axles and TJ axles are way different.

    the TJ rubicon can take the 37's with chromos and truss easy.

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    Thanks for the advice. So there's no worry in the strength of the R&P or should I look into the Jana K4 kit?

    I'm very easy on the throttle in the rocks.

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    the stock lockers suck also.

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    Yeah I heard they like to go boom.

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