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    question about condos and dogs off-leash

    I live in a condo complex, and the past couple weeks I have noticed a few people who have decided that they don't need to have their dog on the leash. At first, I saw the little punt-sized dogs, but now I am seeing dogs like German Shepherds. The HOA bylaws state that dogs are supposed to be on a leash at all times, so I have mentioned my observations to the HOA and they said they will send a notice to all owners.

    My concern is the fact that my dog isn't exactly the nicest dog on a leash. In fact, he barks and in some cases snarls at other dogs. Since there has been a couple of times that the other dogs have run towards me, I want to make sure I have my arse covered in the event that something happens. I guess the question I have is can I be held legally liable should my dog, that is being walked on-leash, bites another dog, that is off-leash?

    Thanks in advance

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    You can be sued for anything in todays world... It takes a "special" kind of person to do that when they are in the wrong but nothing says they can't. Chances are that if something does happen on the property just mention the rules and hope for the best If you see the owner in sight you may want to say something ahead of time if at all possible.
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    Being a dog owner, that regularly has his dog off leash, in leash required places, I take full responsibility if my dog gets injured by your dog that is on leash.

    I do appreciate when other dog owners with unfriendly dogs (or dogs that behave poorly on leash) warn me that their dog isn't friendly when on leash, etc... Allows me to recall my dog w/o incident. After a while I know which dogs to watch out for and keep mine either leashed, or heeled when I see them.

    So I won't sue you, but like Peanut said, someone else will.
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    Even tho your dog is on leash and the other is not your dog will still be listed as aggressive according to animal control if you dog gets in a scuffle. It is not fair for your dog to be listed an as aggressor because the other is off leash and irresponsible.

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    If you live in the city limits chances are the city has a leash law, so the dogs should be on a leash whether the HOA says so or not.

    If you're not in city limits and there's no county ordinance on animals on a leash, then the HOA issue might be relevant, but if you are in Lakewood I'm pretty sure it's part of the municipal code.
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