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    CJ5 Comp Cut Corners

    I am looking for a set for my 5 and after talking to poison spyder, it turns out they no longer make them.

    Anyone know if I can get a set of ones for a 7 and just cut them down to fit? Or of another company who can make them or maybe someone can make a set for me?


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    Check with T&T Customs, they might be able to make a corner blank for you that you can trim to fit.
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    there not hard to make I made some for the flatie Ill try to get some pictures just hard in a tight garage to get a good pict


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    go to Blue Torch Fab!!!! had them on my cj7
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    I will send both treks and blue torch emails to see what they can do. Thank you.

    4.0Cherokee - How did you do the bend? I was think I could bend 1/8 around the corner maybe on my own but not sure. Also, don't know if that would be thick enough to really protect but possibly.

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    first off I have 1/4 inch wasn't easy I cut relief cuts on backside 1/16th deep
    Before I bent it I mounted so it could be marked for bending

    Also did full body armor
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    I wouldn't consider diamond plate aluminum as "armor".

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    It takes alot to dent it Ill tell you that and it sure aint light

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    heres a better veiw

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