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Thread: Warn 8375??

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    Warn 8375??

    So my neighbor dropped this crusty old boat anchor in my drive today. It looks like an old Warn 8274 but it doesn't have the free spool clutch. The label says it's a 8374, s/n 69252. It's missing some parts (like the driver's side spool support) and someone put 3/8s cable on it at some point. Not sure if it even works...The Warn site doesn't even list this model or s/n so I don't even know if parts are available.

    Anyone have one of these and care to share some knowledge? I was told it came as an option on certain Jeep CJs in the mid '70s.
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    I've got one my dad bought for me at a garage sale for $100. Cable was like new and the rest of the winch was in great shape, except for the brake. The brake didn't work at all when I got it. I called warn and got a rebuild kit for the brake for one of the older 8274's. Brake works great now!
    For as much as I use the winch, not having a free spool isn't that big of a deal. Just power out or if you have to pull a lot of cable you can have somebody hold the ratcheting arm off of the brake. This is the best winch i've ever owned. It's done things other winches in the group couldn't.
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    it was a freebie. My neighbor rolled it down to me in a wheelbarrow. It belonged to her ex, and he took off a few months ago never to be seen again. she's been getting rid of his stuff ever since.

    it's missing a few parts, but it could probably be restored to use. I have been surfing trying to gather more info about it and all I can come up with is that it was sold in the mid '70s, has no free spool, and from the looks of it, most of the 8274 parts will swap over.

    The thing is - I have a winch. I really like my trusty old XD9000i. It's probably 15 years old now, yet still works just fine. and it's been way abused over it's life.

    I guess I could restore it and either toss it on the car hauler, or get a winch bumper and put it on the tow rig...

    Looks like it's going to need around $200 to $300 in parts.

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