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    Cool help with vacuum diagram buick 231

    Does any one have a vacuum diagram for an early 80's dauntless v6 I can't seem to get it to run and I am not sure if I have the right vacuum lines capped off. Thanks

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    BTT for ya
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    The only vacuum line you need really is for the distributor advance. It should be ported vacuum which is high on WOT. I can't think of anything you'd need off the manifold vacuum that couldn't be capped other than if you have an automatic.

    More likely, the problem is the metering rods on the Rochester Dual Jet. They tend to get stuck.
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    I would get a Chiltons and take a look at what is listed there. I used to have a CJ-5 with the 231 odd fire buick in it. Great motor. There were a couple of odd ball vacume lines if I remember right. You have the Dist, brake, and a couple of other lines for the emiision crap I think. It was listed in the books though. You might want to take a ride down to the public library and take a look if you don't have the books.
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    we have a manual (chilton I think?) and it doesnt have a cac. manual in it...

    What do you mean by odd fire? That is another thing we were messing with was the dist. and timing and when the crank was a 0* the mark on the dist. wouldnt line up with cyl. #1

    Also...What should we set the timing to...?


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