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Thread: Arrrggghhh - LCD is dead

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    Arrrggghhh - LCD is dead

    Picked up my camera this morning to take some macros at the Butterfly Pavilion, and the LCD was dead. It is getting power, but no images or display info come onto it. Found all my warranty info (including the 2 yr extended I bought), but I am:

    a) supposed to take some senior pics tomorrow (I think I can do that without the lcd, it does still shoot)

    b) going to Tahoe from the 28th to the 1st, and REALLY wanted to get some pics of that area (been 15 years since I have been there).

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    Who did you get the extended warranty from?? If its somewhere local, maybe they will just swap it out for a new one...or upgrade you?
    Nope, Olympus factory extended warranty. Was actually hoping it was out of warranty so I could justify something like a D5000 to the wife. Missed it by 2 months.
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