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    Chokecherry Canyon Farmington, NM

    Looking at visiting the Chokecherry Canyon Recreational Area in Farmington, NM soon. I am having a bit of trouble locating valuable information in terms of Trail Head Locations. Does anyone have any information about the area, Websites, books, specific maps, good places to stay, GPS coordinates?

    Here is a Google map location I found on Pirate for a Recent Trail clean-up they did recently.

    And also the Main intersection into the area

    In my internet searching: Other than a video and a few trip report write ups, not much detailed trailhead location info like you would find on

    Any information you have would be greatly appreciated

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    Chokecherry seems to be the best kept secret on the internet, I've got a few of the trails in .gpx format if you want I can send them to you.

    The local club (Cliffhangers) has done a pretty good job of marking the trailheads and trails but there are so many oil field roads that finding the trailhead can be hard.

    There is also a group of us who meet every Sunday at 9:00, there's a photobucket page here that we've started. PM me if you want the tracks.
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