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    Fixing dents in a fridge door?

    I just picked up a used but decent fridge to be sold with my house and it got the best of me. I am not used to having my butt whooped by an appliance but the day has finally come. The wheel dolly slid down and one door popped open and now has a couple dents.

    Any suggestions on how to fix it? I was only using it as a white appliance to match the others so I can list and sell the house but with dents it doesn't look good.

    Or, does this now become a garage fridge that goes with me when I sell and I just find another used fridge?
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    check a price on a replacement panel for it, might be cheaper than trying to fix it.
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    i believe dry ice takes small dents like hail out, makes the metal shrink up alot and pop the dent out
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    It's a decent sized, creased dent unfortunately. I didn't want to spend much money on this if I don't have to. I think I'm just SOL... friggin' luck.

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    you could bondo and repaint

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    If it's creased it's gonna be tough. And most manufacturers sell the part as a whole door, not just the skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikee_357 View Post
    you could bondo and repaint
    Pretty tough to do considering most fridges have a textured finish.

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    Put your kids school art project over it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
    Pretty tough to do considering most fridges have a textured finish.
    Drywall texture gun, ftw.

    Or Hammerite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlBlueCJ7 View Post
    Drywall texture gun, ftw.

    Or Hammerite.
    Just be very careful if you go that route.
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    Call some used/2nd hand appliance joints and see if they have a used door they will sell you.

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    That is FRIGGIN' hilarious! I needed that, thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sound_Man View Post
    Just be very careful if you go that route.

    The dent is a moot point as of now -
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    bondo dura line and paint

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    That'll buff right out.
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    Garage fridge

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