• Easter Jeep Safari - Potato Salad Hill Fundraiser and Cleanup 2016

    It's that time of year again! Easter Jeep Safari is just around the corner and we've again taken on the task of cleaning up Potato Salad Hill and raising some money to fund a dumpster and porta-potties. We really could use help from the members of Colorado 4x4 financially and physically.

    For 2016 Easter week Potato Salad Hill (PSH) will be open and as large of an attraction as ever and this year is the 10th Anniversary of the PSH Cleanup during EJS!

    RME has already contacted the BLM and the Sheriff’s office who are all in favor of seeing the continued support from RME and the off-road community. As you probably know the PSH area is small, gathers large crowds and has no facilities to accommodate those numbers. In years past it has brought many problems for the Sheriff’s office and the BLM who are responsible for the land. Both the BLM and Sheriff’s office will continue to monitor this area during this high traffic weekend. Our focused efforts in that area really can go a long way with showing the groups that the rockcrawlers take land clean up and use serious.

    Several years ago Jeff Knoll pioneered the idea of collecting funds and picking up trash to help keep PSH open to the public for the Easter weekend. Since then RME has stepped up to take that project over and continue the fantastic start given by Jeff. Again for 2016 it is our turn to give back to Moab. Help us ensure that the off-road community can work with the local governments, and we can all work together to keep PSH open. Last year RME members quickly raised money to help pay for the dumpsters and port-a-potties that were stationed at PSH for the entire week! We had several members who were able to walk the area to pick up litter and have it taken care of.

    Our efforts were noticed and appreciated. One positive example is the good comments we received from “The Solutions of Moab” a recycling center adjacent to the PSH area who takes a personal interest in the PSH area and works closely with the BLM and city council on the condition of PSH. Those few hours spent went a long way for our cause!

    In February 2012, RME4x4.com (including all members who helped out) was awarded a plaque for the efforts and donations during Easter Jeep Safari 2011!

    This year I can only hope for the same. I would like to challenge you to help raise $2000 (or more!) to fund this project. I would also like to challenge members who are in Moab those times to take a few minutes out of their vacation and walk the area to keep it clean.

    Donations can be made via PayPal to PSHcleanup@RockyMountainExtreme.com

    Keep an eye on the progress of the fundraiser here- http://www.rme4x4.com/PSHcleanup.php

    All funds will go directly to the cleanup of the area, dumpsters and port-a-potties. Anything collected over the needed amount will be donated to the RR4W MUD fund. (Multi Use Defense Fund to delegate money to support pro-active measures in land use issues)

    We're asking for help with cleaning up PSH, picking up trash in the mornings (or any time you're there) during EJS. Later in the week will need the most effort, especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you out there!
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    1. Greg@RME's Avatar
      Greg@RME -
      Thanks for the support guys, we're now almost 1/2 way to our goal!

      Keep it coming!
    1. Greg@RME's Avatar
      Greg@RME -
      We met our goal this morning, lots of donations coming in big & small and we appreciate every dollar! We exceeded our goal by $210, so that amount (plus any more that comes in) will go to the RR4W Multiple Use Defense Funds to help keep trails open in Moab! Everyone that helped made a huge contribution towards making the 4WD community continue to look good. Potato Salad Hill is public land and a very visible location for the public and those that are critical of the 4WD users. Thanks for caring and showing it with your donation!!

      If you'll be in Moab for EJS, please try to swing Potato Salad Hill and make sure it's staying clean! Best times will be in the mornings, especially later in the week.... Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
    1. Steven_Mc's Avatar
      Steven_Mc -
      Excellent. Glad to hear it!
    1. Greg@RME's Avatar
      Greg@RME -
      Quote Originally Posted by Steven_Mc View Post
      Excellent. Glad to hear it!
      Thanks Steven, I was getting worried but we got a big boost towards the end!
    1. Greg@RME's Avatar
      Greg@RME -
      Potato Salad Hill looked great this morning! I got there around 8 AM and met Jeff Knoll and Del Albright out there, they were wrapping up their efforts. I really had to cover a lot of ground and only found 2 pieces of trash.

    1. in4aride's Avatar
      in4aride -
      That's awesome that's all there was. Sucks there was any. But for as busy as it appeared to be out there on social media, that's not bad.
    1. Greg@RME's Avatar
      Greg@RME -
      Not bad at all, I think most people that are stopping by PSH nowadays see how clean it is and think twice about dumping their trash on the ground.
    1. newracer's Avatar
      newracer -
      Great work!
    1. Greg@RME's Avatar
      Greg@RME -
      For sure, a lot of people stepped up to make this happen!
    1. Greg@RME's Avatar
      Greg@RME -
      Well, Easter Jeep Safari has passed for another year and we had another very successful cleanup, perfect for the 10 Yr anniversary of the project! On Friday morning I met Jeff Knoll and Del Albright out at Potato Salad Hill, they had already combed the area and picked up a little trash. Jeff shot a quick video to celebrate the 10 yr anniversary of the cleanup, detailing the relationship that has been build with a local 'environmentalist' and Del talked about how just one person can make a massive difference.

      And to wrap it all up, the checks are going out to pay for the dumpsters, porta-potties and the remaining amount to the Red Rock 4Wheelers MUD Fund!

      For me, this has been a great movement to be involved with. I remember how in years past Potato Salad Hill would get absolutely trashed, even dirty TP would be left on the ground. Now it's beautiful, hard to find any trash at all during it's most used time of year! Many thanks to all those that have supported this effort over the last 10 years, financially and physically! It will be fun to see where it goes over the next 10 years!
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