• Colorado4x4.org celebrates 15 years!

    I registered the Colorado4x4.org domain name on January 20th, 2001. I don't have a screenshot of the first page, but it was comically simple. What followed in February was a little better (thanks to the wayback machine):

    15 years later after one major database crash that forced a reset of everything, a transition from Ultimate Bulletin Board software to vBulletin, a change of hosting services, a few server moves, numerous "entertaining" server outages and other fun challenges, here we are.

    Created as a resource by friends for friends this website has seen its share of happy times (couples met here and married , birth announcements were made , etc) and sad times (friends lost too soon ). I still have the same Jeep as when I started this site (I've had it ~25 years now in fact), but over these 15 years I moved from Gunbarrel to Firestone to the in-laws in Castle Rock to a motel in the foothills (1 month test drive of mtn living) to an apartment in Broomfield to an RV on a raw plot of land for 9 months while we built our current home on the same plot of land. Along the way I got married, created a family (two kiddos, Alyssa and Austin) and built a house (no, still not finished). I'm not a web geek but I learned quite a bit about creating a maintaining a site like this. It hasn't been perfect and certainly frustrating at times, but the hours were always worth it. I've met countless friendly faces from this website who I couldn't hope to name all. Hopefully you gained something positive from this 15 year experiment as well.

    Cheers to 15 years! Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped me keep this site online and to all of the members who made this little corner of the internet something special. Thank you!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by The Man With The Plan View Post
      Yeah, all you plebs with member numbers above 688 keep mucking up the place!
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      Can't believe how long I've been here. Volunteered to help moderate when the Classifieds section was added without a clue what I was getting into. Have met a lot of good people through this site, and become good friends with some, including Eric and Monica, who are simply great people.

      Here's hoping for another 15 years!
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      Thank you!!!!!
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      Many friends made, so much information learned and shared, so much epic-ness!! Thanks!
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      Met many good people here! And still have the same Jeep as well. Thanks for keeping this site running Eric!
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      Dang, now I'm just feeling older...

      Met a lot of good people through here
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      I still have the same Jeep as when I registered, also. It's still in the same non-running condition as 15 years ago and has been trailered to 5 different residences during the same period.
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      lol Jay! At least you're honest about it!

      I still envy that synchro'd T18 and Dana 20 you built.
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      Thanks Eric. Heckuva job! Wheres that Yoda foo to explain why gas is cheap again and al24 are you still taking advantage of all the road and bridge fees I pay? Dang commie! And where is the hgtd'er Scottycards? Oh well, just signed in and posted to say Thanky and see my #, have no clue what it is.
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      Quote Originally Posted by CSP View Post
      lol Jay! At least you're honest about it!

      I still envy that synchro'd T18 and Dana 20 you built.
      I'll let you know how in works in about 10 years. I have another T19 to convert for my J20, but need to buy a Ranger OD to make up for the spacer. Maybe that'll take less than 10 years.
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      yes thank you !!!!!!!
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      I remember and thank you for being the creator and caretaker of this great off road community resource!
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      Seen a lot of stuff roll through here.
      Meet a lot of friends and made a lot of storys...
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      Thank you for this place eric
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      Can't believe it's been this long already. 2001 is when I signed up.
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      Even though I left CO, this is still my home away from home. Thank you
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      Congrats. Never knew why you hated me.

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      I've always enjoyed the company here.

      I'm thankful for the friends I've made some of which are very close.

      Met DaJudge here virtually and he did the ceremony marrying me to my best friend.

      This place has been a part of my life for a long time.
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      Eric -
      Now it's 18 1/2 years Thanks for sharing your experiences with CO4x4, and thanks for sticking around all these years!