• Return of the CO4x4 Front page

    Yes we used to have an actual front page. It's back and it's obviously a work in progress. Constructive feedback is appreciated.

    Note: Any forum post or thread can be promoted to an article. This is particularly useful for the (currently empty) Tech Library and Advice Column sections. If you see a post or thread that you feel is worthy of promotion, send me a PM with a link to the post and why you think it should be an article.

    PS Notice the sub-menu below the "Front Page" navigation button above. This is how you navigate the various sections of the front page. (The Front Page / News / Vendor Info / Advice Column / Tech Library)

    As an experiment the News section and all articles within it use a different template than the other sections. The News template is only 2 columns vs 3, and currently includes a few RSS feeds from CNN and Slashdot. All of this can and will be tuned over time.
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      Pardon me sir... but is that a plain Humpmobile or a turbo charged double humper