• Disaster preparation advice #2

    #2 b/c I already alerted you to priority # F'n 1 of how to efficiently document the contents of your home.

    If you have a title to your vehicle that had a lien holder on it. Take that title sent to you, signed by the bank releasing the lien, to a license branch so they can see your lien has released the title. Don't wait until you have to get a replacement title to find out the license branch still shows you have a lien holder assigned your title. The lien will expire eventually but I can tell you it is years (try about 7 years).

    Needed all new titles (even for the totaled stuff not paid out by insurance) and they wouldn't get us a new title for the truck we still have b/c a lien holder was still listed. Never knew to go to the license branch to show them the lien holder way back in 2007 signed the title and sent it to us. We're fortunate the credit union cooperated in a most excellent fashion and got us our paper work showing the loan paid off that long ago.

    Don't be dumb, do it before you have other important shit to do stacking up on you.

    I'll drop in and pass on to you all these bits of information as Tammy and I experience them. We'll get by (somehow) but I'm telling you; there's a much easier way to line this crap up and save yourself for the really important priority shit that will be burying you through an experience anything close to what we're going through.

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    1. PhantomD AKA Zach's Avatar
      PhantomD AKA Zach -
      it's info like this that is so very difficult to learn before something goes wrong, and so very time consuming after the fact.

      I appreciate you keeping us informed.
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