• Free email services and registration

    Notice: Free email services such as yahoo.com, hotmail.com, mail.com, etc. etc. are no longer accepted for purposes of registration for a free account on CO4x4.org. A Premium Membership is required to use one of these addresses on CO4x4 (see followup post below).

    We knew this day would eventually come. As CO4x4.org grows larger it unfortunately attracts more and more disruptive users. Therefore, in an effort to improve our ability to remove abusive users, we can no longer allow users to register for free acounts using free email servers.
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    1. Eric's Avatar
      Eric -
      Free email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. are banned from registration of a free account on Colorado4x4.org. The use of a "free" email address is available only with the Premium Membership option.

      For $20 per year the Premium Membership option includes the following enhanced features:
      • A Blue star next to your name
      • Ability to upload attachments
      • A custom title under your name
      • Additional Private Message (PM) storage space
      • Ability to send PM's to multiple recipients
      • Option to use a free email address such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
      • Ability to change your username
      • Access to the "VIP Lounge" forum
      Currently registered users can upgrade using Paypal by visiting the subscription page:
      Automated Subscription

      New Users who wish to register using a free email address:

      Paypal - Send the $20 fee to membership@colorado4x4.org. Be sure to include your desired username and your preferred email address. I will then create your account manually.

      Similarly be sure to include your desired username and your preferred email address so I can create your account manually.