January 27th, 2004, 02:28 AM
Long but very important!!! This from Gene King.

It's very important that the OHV community (that's the dirt bikers, ATV
riders, snowmobilers and 4 wheelers) band together to prevent a wholesale
closure of roads and trails in the Hayman area. That's what the enviro's
want. At the open house I looked over the shoulder of one enviro talking to
a ranger and her comment sheet said: Please close - and then listed about 10
Most of the enviro groups we OHV/4wheelers come in contact with are those
that want to close ALL public lands to multi-use, especially OHV recreation.
They sit behind their desks and devise plans, strategies, and concepts on
how to accomplish these goals. They're so busy in doing this that they don't
have the time or inclination to actually go out in the filed and work on
public lands.
4 Wheelers, on the other hand, don't have the time to sit behind desks
strategizing as we're constantly out working on projects on public lands. We
have many adopt - a -roads, official and unofficial, where we pick up trash,
remove dead-fall, build fences, repair fencing, build water-bars, repair
water bars, help with road maintenance, drain and harden mud bogs, repair
and restore riparian areas, to just list a few items.
Contrary to what has been previously reported, the vast majority of the
Hayman roads analysis was done on the ground in the field by the restoration
The Hayman Restoration team had every kind of "-ologist" out in the roads
analysis area. And they have a narrow vision within the overall picture,
i.e., a wildlife biologist may prefer a road closed because of disturbance
to "wildlife". A Fish and Streams biologist may want some roads closed
because of potential sedimentation. None of the "-ologists" really take into
account the multi-use dictum. NOTE: IT IS THE LEAD HYDROLOGIST OF THE
a united front in keeping roads open.
The NFS people I talked to at the open house, individually, told me they
would take into account the multi-use dictum for public lands when
determining what alternatives are to be included in the Environmental
Assessment. Every one of them, individually, also told me the OHV/4wheelers
must be heavily involved in this decision making process with their
comments. One ranger said "If we don't hear from you (4wders) on how your
groups are going to help us, we won't know what you want".

The number one thing all my NFS contacts told me was WE must offer our
services TO DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to keep the roads open. Our comments at
this stage help push the alternatives more in our favor.

Comments should fall into the following:

1. If you provide a comment, you now have "standing", which means that
after an alternative is selected and you/we don't like the decision we have
recourse in the appeals process because we have "standing". Without
standing, you CANNOT appeal the decision!

2. The CoA4WDCI MUST provide comment(s) on the road analysis.

3. Every club of the CoA4WDCI MUST provide a comment.

4. Any and all OHV clubs, ATV, dirt bike, snowmobile, 4wheel, MUST
provide a comment.

5. COHVCO has already decided they will provide comments so they have
"standing" and the attorney can appeal any decision we don't like.


1. At this time it is more important that comments should be in the
format of "How can we help", "What help do you need from us", "Please let us
know when and where we can be of assistance". The more offers of assistance
that we can provide, the more "pro-OHV" the alternatives will be, in my

2. Provide general comments such as:

a. Our club is willing to adopt a road(s).

b. Our club/group can provide work parties; let us know when and where.

c. Our club/group can provide some materials and a lot of volunteer

d. Our club/group can write an OHV grant for funds to help in the
restoration work.

e. Our club/group will donate funds to buy materials for the
restoration work.

f. Our club/group will sponsor work parties.

3. Specific Comments (Keep in mind that most of the roads in the
analysis are level 2 or 4wd roads).

a. Please do not close Hackett Gulch, (205), as it is a very popular
road for OHV recreation.

b. Please do not close the 1.99 miles of Corral Creek, (540).

c. Please do not close road 540 (Metberry), road 220A (Crossover), and
road 220B (Widow Maker) as they provide a loop with Longwater Gulch, (221),
Hackett Gulch, (220), and Corral Creek, (540).

d. Please do not close Twin Creek (542) and Flying G (541) as they
provide access to Molly Gulch.

e. Please do not close Helen's Rock (211.K) and Helen's Rock Spur
(211.L) as they provide a challenging, scenic alternative route to Matukat

f. Please do not close the Northrup (206) as it provides access to
the Malta-Waterton power lines.

g. Please do not close the Turkey Creek roads, 524, 525, 526, 523B as
they are challenging, scenic level 2 roads.

h. Please do not close Valley, (354B) as it provides an access route
between 362, 363, and 364.

i. Please do not close the Unclassified Road in the Signal Butte
Township #27, upper right corner, which provides a connection between 362
and 363.

j. Please do not close Flat Saloon (534), Brash Creek (535) and
Kelsey Creek (536) as they are challenging level 2 roads.

k. Please do not close Cabin Creek (544) as it connects Flying G (541)
and Stony Pass (560).

l. Please do not close the Unclassified Road that starts approx. 3
miles south of Deckers (in township #36) and continues south approx. 1 ?
miles. This is a very scenic drive.

m. NOTE: Check the Hayman maps handed out at the open house or go on
line and look at the maps and make comments on other roads, especially any
unclassified roads. There are 36.46 miles of unclassified roads scheduled
for closure. Are any of these roads your favorites??

4. Remind the forest service that the more roads that get closed, the
more impact on other roads and the risk of additional resource damages by
renegades OHVers.

5. Forest Service Environmental Assessment (EA) Schedule

a. Comment period ends 16 February 2004.

b. Develop proposed alternatives, February and March 2004

c. Publish NEPA document - May 2004 with a 30-day comment period.

d. Analysis of public comments - June and July 2004

e. Publish Decision Notice - August 2004

6. Comments are due by 16 February. You may comment as many times as
and make 4-6 (or more) comments.

a. Mail comments to:

Travel Management Project

540 Elkton Drive

Suite 201

Colorado Springs 80907

Fax: 719-264-1003

Email: R2_psicc_Hayman_recovery@fs.fed.us

Web Site: http://www.fs.fed.us/R2/psicc/hayres/travel Click on "travel

It is important that everyone that receives this submit a comment, unless
you don't care about keeping 4wd roads open.

If you have any questions, email me.

Gene W. King
Director, COHVCO

4WD Rep BLM RAC, Front Range

January 27th, 2004, 03:15 AM
Outstanding post.

Please take the time to comment, or forever hold your peace.

Show the Forest Service that you not only care, but are willing to participate.