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April 2nd, 2007, 05:16 PM
Ryan and I got back from our first competition this morning. We were running the XJ in the Modified Stock class. Ryan was spotting and I drove. We didn't score very well, but we learned a ton that will help us out in the Hannibal, MO in a couple weeks.

The trouble started on our first course of the day Saturday. We started on course C2. Things were going great, got through the first gate and a bonus rather quickly, but then took a bad bounce on the third gate. This left us stuck with large pointy rock stuck between the skidplate, rear axle, drive shaft, and frame rail.

After time ran out, we called for some recovery help. At this point, the rig was still mechanically sound. Somehow during the recovery we lost a U-joint. Hopefully it was just a defective piece as there was very little power applied and the wheels were nearly straight. Eventually the failed U-joint ate both inner and outer shafts.

Futher down the the hill, the destroyed shafts ate the ball joints and the knuckle seperated. This left us on a bit of a slope with the front driver tire only attached by the tie rod (bent the heim) and a brake line, and the rear passenger tire a few feet in the air. Some winching on the front by one of the recovery rigs, and about 8 guys holding the rear on the ground got the rig to a point it was stable enough to work on.

Since there was no good way to move the rig, we got to replace the knuckle where it sat. We tried to use my winch wrapped around various parts of the cage to lift the axle to work on it, but only succeeded in breaking the rope. Huge thanks to Scott@Rockstomper for splicing it back together for us. We eventually got everything back together while the rig was held up on the top of a 60" hi-lift, and the axle was on a borrowed 20ton bottle jack. That ordeal took a few hours, so we missed the rest of the courses on Saturday.

Sunday didn't start much better. We again started on C2. This time we were running on a factory shaft that we replace the one we broke the day before with. That shaft snapped on the first gate. Luckily we were able to get back to the pits and replace it and still get to the next course with 15 minutes to spare. We timed out while attempting a bonus gate on C3. We then finished C4 and C1 with 13 and 12 points. We took a couple cones we probably shouldn't have, but I was happy just to get through without breaking anything.

The tow rig tranny also started acting up, but that's a whole seperate issue.

I would like to thank everybody there that helped us out. The other teams were great. Troy Baily was extremely helpful giving us suggestions on strategy. The entire Rockstomper team, especially Scott. As soon as he heard we broke our rope, he got his splicing stuff and had it back together in no time. He also set us up with custom shafts in record time before the event, and took the broken one back to warranty it before the day was done.

Mostly I want to thank my spotter/crew cheif/ tow rig owner/ brother Ryan for everything he does to make this competition possible for us.

Total carnage for the weekend - 1 u-joint, 1 short side inner shaft, 1 stub shaft, 1 3/4-3/4 hiem, 1 winch rope, 2 ball joint, 1 knuckle (maybe, haven't inspected it yet), on factory inner shaft, 1 tow rig transmission


April 3rd, 2007, 09:45 AM
It was great to see you guys out there and we look forward to seeing you in Seattle. You guys had a tough weekend but, always stayed positive and kept coming back for more! Outstanding!

Let us know anytime you need a hand, we are always around and as long as we aren't up to our elbows in our own junk, we are more than happy to help out a fellow competitor.


April 3rd, 2007, 01:29 PM
And conversely.. thanks to you guys for helping us out with some tools on Friday night when we were working thru a few issues.

- Shawn