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March 5th, 2007, 08:27 PM
I just put on a set of the Rugged Ridge TJ style 7" fender flares. They are fairly beefy and pretty easy to put on for an 84 CJ-7. The front bolts directly to the old holes from the factory flares. You have to cut the rear of the original wheel wheels out for the rear flares to fit. Not a big deal but I didn't get a template to use and had to make my own. The instructions aren't very complete but you should be able to figure it out pretty easily. They have several different types of hardware to mount the flares. I'm guessing they fit several different vehicles.

The good.
Nice fairly solid flare with complete coverage of the tires. Mine are 33/12.50.
If you have wider than stock axles it should work pretty well.
Way cheaper than some of the other brands. I paid $159 for mine.
Rear cutouts wil allow use of bigger tires and more room for flex. I have 2 inch body lift and 3 inch suspension lift and I could probably fit 35's now.
Flares should come off pretty easy if you plan on hitting the rocks

The Bad.
Fit is not perfect as they are made for alot of Different vehicles. Fit isn't bad but it won't win any awards.
They cover the whole tire on a CJ with 33/12.50's and it will make it hard to see your tires going over the rocks etc.
If you aren't comfortable tearing into your fenders get something else.

Overall I think they look decent and will really keep the mud out of the inside.

Pinky & the Jeep
May 20th, 2008, 11:19 PM
I just got these on my jeep. I wasn't going to install them after seeing them next to it, but the return shipping was too much and nobody wanted to trade up or buy them off me so of course I installed them. The fit is off a bit, and difficult on your own, my daughter had to flex the front to fit where they needed to be so I could mark the holes.

I have 33 x 12.5 tires but my stance is not wide enough and they do look a bit goofy. It would look better on a CJ with a wider stance, other than the look and the install I do like them very much. Of course, now there is no going back since I had to cut out part of the rear wheel well to fit them, but they do look better...from the side anyway.


That is me on the left (of course)

Best, J

May 25th, 2008, 06:42 PM
slap some wheel spacers in...call it good