View Full Version : ANCO AeroVantage Wiper Blades

September 1st, 2006, 10:15 PM
Well my old blades have worn out, and you dont see many reviews for wiperblades, and Im going upto springs next saturday and last tiem I got hit by a mild flash flood. So I bought these awhile ago(30minutes). As said all my tests are thorough so once I got the old stuborn blades off, and poped these Aero"Vantage blades on took it to the car wash for the test. Had a friend shoot the high pressure water at the center of my windshield from 3feet infront of my bumper, and started wipping. They have a clean smooth stroke, and wipe the water away. Passed the test.

So installation is stupid easy, even the head cashier at walmart could install these.

Operation/Stroke couldnt be better, should have gotten the 19" blades though, but didnt know if theyed hit anything. Also stock blades sizes for front/back blades is 18"/12".

Price is rather cheap for something that isnt covered in advertisements, and works like a blade. $6.99 at AutoZone.

Pictures tomorrow, might have a video if I go back to the carwash :D

5 out of 5 :hail: