View Full Version : Schofield, Punchbowl open

June 26th, 2006, 05:46 PM
Someone else here probably already reported this, but I thought I'd leave a note in case anyone is wondering and planning 4th weekend trips... Was up there this past Saturday (6-24-06) and the Punchbowl section of the road that's usually closed by snow was dry and open. Thankfully is was rougher than normal, let's hope it stays that way for at least a little while. Didn't try to drive to Crested Butte, so no idea what the snow closure is like on the other side of the pass, but I saw a couple of guys who said it's open all the way between Crested Butte and Marble.

Every year the Punchbowl section of the road gets narrower. Think the Forest Service is trying to let it shrink to 50 inches so they can declair it's not a road any more?