View Full Version : Slaughterhouse Night Run 6-19

June 20th, 2006, 06:09 PM
Dotcom (Sean) and I met up after a slight miscommunication about the meeting place. Anyways... the most eventful happening of the evening was seeing some HUGE elk (or deer...) run across 285 in the construction zone just south of Conifer. I am not lifted (TJ) and had my doors off... looking across the road at an animal that I'm not even at eye level with. I am so glad a dude in a van traveling the other direction flashed his brights and made me think there was a speed trap! Amazing how the just appear and disappear. Only Jeep related interesting stuff is Sean's dash going dark after the loopp going to the playground. Found out it was a blown fuse, and he could read his speedo again. Of all the pics I took, only a few came out, and I'll add them soon. I had a boatload of fun running at night, got through some fun stuff, and enjoyed the few hours of labor I had put in to my lights.