View Full Version : Ended up trying the Cathouse in KS

June 11th, 2006, 06:28 PM
So ended up going there and meeting some of my Dads freinds and had a blast till we leaved on Sat night. For some reason I had it in my head it was 10/per person per day you were there. It also said this on the board behind the counter. So I was paying for me and a buddy for 2 days. Should be $40 total. We slept in the back of my truck and didn't use anything except the shitter.

Had a blast though met quite a few Jeepers and ran all the trails I could find. Introduced about 10 new people to rock crawlin/ kind of since there isn't a whole lotta rocks. :fu out there in western KS

I'll try to get some pics up,
so to finish this shitty story of mind, I go to pay and all of a sudden i was gettin charged $80 for my buddy and I to be there 2 days. One night in the back of the truck and 2 days on the property total. Clayton which I am sure was drunk, started arguing with me about how much it was.

I pointed at the board and said it is $10/day per person right?? He then decided to add another 40 for me and my buddy to camp there for one night???? I told him I think 40 is fair especially since my Freinds with there camper and 2 kids hooked to the electricity paid $60 total for the 2 days they were there. He told me to write the check for whatever i thought was fair so i wrote the check for 40 and he told me in simple terms to don't even think about coming back to his place. I told him to have a good one and left after I gave him the check.

Needless to say, I had an awesome time till it came time to leave. Oh well, he has a nice place set up there just needs to clarify things a little better and make it a little less fawked in the business dept. I wouldn't mind paying more but don't just tack on whatever you feel like at that moment to make a little extra cash. That is how I viewed it anyway.