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May 30th, 2006, 12:29 AM
We had our first official club trail and meeting Sunday. Had a great turnout, and an awesome time on the trail. We took on Eagle Rock near Colorado Springs. This trail has gotten pretty brutal since the last time I went up last month. You guys will probably notice, this group is primarily KJ's. There were seven KJ's, all were pretty built up except for one stocker with tow hooks, that made it up the first leg of the trail, and rode shotgun with one of the other KJ's the rest of the way. Three XJ's, one of them being my wife and I another was matthew.quimby on the board here, and the other was a guest of one of the KJ guys. My camera was doing all kinds of stupid things, so of the hundred pictures we took not very many turned out too good. I did manage to get most of my armor back on. Didn't get to finish my TCase skid or rear bumper, but the rear quarter armor is back on, gas tank skid, and sliders. Here is the link to my site, just scroll all the way down to the bottom: http://www.rocklizardfabrications.com/trail_rides.htm

All the club members jeeps at the end of the trail (except for the stocker that was left at the beginning)

'02 Libby sportin' a Rock Lizard prototype front Monitor Lizard bumper

Stock KJ

Stupid Camera!!!

Left Turn obstacle that gave the KJ guys armor a real workout

My XJ, Little Flex

Custom exhaust :D

Except for the stock KJ that made a wise decision to stop before going up the trail to the left turn washout, everyone made it through. KJ skids and rock rails definately got used on that left turn. Weird thing is, the tan Liberty with the funny looking diamond plate thing on the front bumper was driven by a 17 year old, first time in any rocks, Rusty's skids but no rock rails, didn't touch anything on that corner and walked right up it, thanks to his awesome spotters.:D He was the second KJ through that obstacle. The first mashed up his rear LCA mount, and all the following KJ's beat on there belly skids, rear LCA mounts, and sliders. No damage except a few KJ LCA mounts, but that was just cosmetic damage to those, and the kid that walked up that corner managed to mash his right rocker panel on a small rock on the easy part near the end of the trail.:D We had a great time, except for all the waiting we did on two small groups that took forever getting through that left turn obstacle. My entire group made it up that hill and through that obstacle faster than the TJ and two built XJ's in front of us.

Frank Z
May 30th, 2006, 06:40 AM
great pics! Looks like someone didn't have as much success as you folks on Sunday.

May 30th, 2006, 10:01 AM
Wow, that doesn't look too intelligent. I can't tell where on the trail that is, but I can't think of any part that anyone would be able to roll their jeep. Eagle Rock isn't that bad.