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May 29th, 2006, 11:04 PM
Firelight Urban Crawlers - geez. Just because they are bad initials doesn't mean it's bad...
...but wait...it's us.
So our adventure starts off at my parent's house in GJ. Rock Kitty, Hippie and spy came over on Friday to hang out with the fam, drink some cold ones, pick up some fire wood and kick back and relax. About that fire wood.... as it turns out, the best way to retrieve fire wood from the wood pile is to use the John Deere riding lawnmower (my P's have a big yard to mow). So, here I go off with the lawn mower and trailer to get wood. After Spy and I load up the trailer I head to the trucks. Spy said we could use the bed of his truck, so I pull up next to it, park, realize I'm not close enought (I've had a few BL's by this time), go to pull forward and the front left wheel falls off!!! Assessing the situation I run back to the garage to get the jack....the 2 ton jack that is. I drag the jack out the drive way, across the gravel and up to the incedent. Meanwhile my dad goes, "What the hell did you do now?" Trying to hold a straight face I tell him politely that his tire fix from the morning malfunctioned and I needed to fix it. After laughing at me, he comes to help...okay, everyone is off to the lawn mower to help.
Tire fixed, more beer in our belly's, a thurough nights rest, and Carson the Wiggle Pup waking us up at 5:30 AM, we are off to Moab by 10:00 - doing our best to avoid Mike the Headless Chicken Festival in Fruita. A phone call from Gags and RoverGirl relay's that they are two hours behind us going mauch 55.. I mean 55 MPH in the D90 and may be in Moab sometime during the next mallinia. We pull into our camp site (a.k.a. - the Gags containment area) and set up camp. We wait...and wait...and wait, then Gag's and RoverGirl show up. They set up their tent, we look at each other, nod and off to Poison Spider for a night run. Great sunset - excellent shake down run - 1/4 mile in we were fixing the D90 (Land Rover...psh!...wait, we own one of those too...)

Night run over, and Teron and I ate our share of bugs with no windshield, we hit the hay only to be woken by this lovely bird skwaking at 5:30, followed by momma goose honking at her goslings (they were cute).
Enough of that - off to.......KANE CREEK! WEE!
I have no comment on Kane Creek, except if you like dirt roads with a few rocks 15 miles after you have eaten 2lbs of dust - this, my friend, is your trail. Excellent for stock vehicles looking for a bit of a challenge at the end - actually, for stock, it would be a heck of a challenge. Two thumbs up for stock vehicles!
Ooo wait - Spy's spring decided to realign itself...
and Rock Kitty thought she was going over:
note i'm a bit more on my side that usual...NOT!

Day 2: hehehe...don't worry, it's an easy trail... (4+) you guys can handle it now worries. Off to Behind The Rocks!
I liked this trail - obstacles, scenic, obstacles, dirt road you can hall arse down, obstacles....lighting storm, lighting strike, tree burst into flames, Hippie first to the scene to put it out.... GREAT TRAIL!
The D90 really hadn't been on a hard trail, nor had most of the people with us - hard meaning you make a wrong move you end up like I did on Potato Salad in 2004 (sort of). High Dive and Up Chuck were damn cool obstacles. Watching Gags take the wrong line, but deciding he isn't going ot go anywhere if he did (but maybe soil his drawrs a bit) was awesome. Gags starts off in the right spot, but to the passenger side a little too much - talk about big air on the back end!! But Pete lived through it no worries, or heart attacks. Then he goes up Up Chuck...sort of - okay - he tries to come over backwards on Up Chuck. :) But he hit the clutch in time to save it - too funny, but they are still learning the ins and outs of the D90.
RK does a great job down High Dive, but going up Up Chuck she pretty much...how do I describe it???...humps the rock. Bouncing = bad, no matter how bad you want that new Dynatrac front end. ;)
Hippie threw huge air on Up Chuck! Teron and Denise had to hold him down (that's dirty) so he could climb out.
So Behind the Rocks goes on, we eat lunch at the Picture Window Arch, continue on, Spy hears a rattle, we check it, we go on, we decide that we want to climb White Knuckle Hill vs going down it...don't ask why, I'm still trying to figure it out myself. We get to White Knuckle Hill and realize oh crap - that's a nasty hill. Double oh crap, that's a storm rolling in. So, the plan is to get HDK & the Valtastrophe up first, Hippie, second and we winch the rest. Teron pulls up to the big ledge, pulls up on it and KA BAM! Lightning strikes to the South less than a mile away. Dummie me is the hightest person, so off the rocks I go. We start to back Teron off and KA BAM!!!!! HOLY CRAP! "Did you just see that" Teron asks me as I'm looking at a Cedar tree that just burst into flames less than a quarter mile away!!! "i'm going, grab your fire extinguishers" is wall we hear from Hippie and he's off - ON THE ROAD I might add. We head north less than a quarter of a mile from White Nuckle Hill and west to the tree that is fully engulfed in flames. The heat off the tree was crazy intense. The flames were shooting out of everywhere, and were buring up branches that had no fuel between them and the ground. Poof - the trea was toast. 5 fire extingusihers, 2 gallons of water, lots of dirt, a fire ring later, and two hours later the tree was out and contained to itself (the tree next to it tried desperately to join in the flames, but Hippie's actions saved it).
Talk about crazy amazing stuff to see. So we go back to White Knuckle Hill and decide we've had a sign to stay off the hill and leave it for another day.
Back to camp......but not before we play on the dunes. :) Spy caught enough air to jump 27 feet!!! But he lost his camera in the process - or between tree extinguishing and the dunes, so if anyone found a Pentax digital that was laying out it the desert...Spy would at least like his pics back, it not the camera too!

Day 3 - RUSTY NAIL. So, Teron and I knew what was in store for this trail thanks to Wally's heads up. Regardless....we didn't say a thing to the rest of the group. Evil, I know.
Andy from Patrol 12 of Mile Hi Jeep Club joined us on Rusty Nail in his kick arse Zuk. Andy, unknowingly, was the only one that had been on the trail before. Joining us also were my P's! My mom loves to go with us (note she likes to ride with Wally vs. me in the Billings thread), My dad on the other hand has only been out 21 Road with us once and that was a pretty slow day, so he has no idea what he is in store for....oh yeah, and there is a cliff, which he's not a fan of. So the day starst out with me driving the Valtastrophe with my dad sitting shot guns.........that last to Gold Bar Rim after the first ledges and an Oh SH!T!....I was told Teron had to drive after that. Oh well. I had fun while it lasted.
So - Rusty Nail - not for the faint at heart - there are ledges, off camber ledges that go into 120 ft oblivian of a canyon bottom (I'm guessing 3 bounces and your food for worms). Oh and nasty obstacles that TJ Recreation likes to endo on (dood, shawn - how the hell did you roll there???). We pushed the bar in this trail. Gags and RoverGirl did an awesome job at maneuvering the D90 through Rusty Nail. Spy did an incredible job at getting his TJ that is only limited slip in the rear, through the nail - yes, we winched him, but he is one hell of a driver. Props to Teron for leading the blind.... I mean the group through. and whoohoo! Andy and his Sami kick arse!!!!!!! We'll wheel with you any day!
Quotes of the day all have to come from my dad: "Jeeps aren't supposed to be treated that bad." "YOu are damn crazy fools to drive that" - Do note that my parents have had a CJ-5 in some way, shape or form for at least 35 years. My dad and mom drove 21 Rd/Hunter Canyon long before it slid to what it is now, so it's cool to hear dad say stuff like that. That and he drove over 110 to get to Moab....damn Mustang GT's.
So that's the jist of it. Moab kicked it this year. Great group, and we had a blast!!!!
Pics can be found here:

May 30th, 2006, 01:22 AM
Now that was an entertaining and informative trip report. It's amazing what you will see out in the desert during a rainstorm...lightning strikes, flash floods, etc. Sounds like a good trip. The sand dunes at the end of BTR are a great play area, in fact, we were down there on Sat the 27th, ran Pritchett and managed to get a few jumps and donuts in for ourselves coming out that way.

May 30th, 2006, 10:07 AM
where are the rusty nail pics :shrug:

May 30th, 2006, 10:50 AM
I'll post my pics later today. What Val did you get tired of waitting for me to start this report :shrug: . I was busy playing with the new toy( another thread I need to start:D )

BTW - Like the new Title <<<<<<<<:D

edit - did not get to the pics tonight - I have to resize all of them:( - I'll try tomorrow

May 30th, 2006, 01:19 PM
where are the rusty nail pics :shrug:
On my hard drive. :flipoff2:

June 2nd, 2006, 09:11 AM
So, you can put up pics of your tube fenders but not our Moab pics, SURE! I can't wait to see my hang time.

June 2nd, 2006, 01:47 PM
Wow that's a heckuva trip report, Val!

Sounds like it was a lot of fun this year. Sorry I couldn't go, but I woulda been underbuilt for what you guys ran anywayz. Woulda been winchtastic for me. :D

F.U.C.K.ers, I look forward to seeing the rest of the pics. Maybe I'll stop by this weekend and bring some fresh Fatty off my new keg. :beer: :D

June 2nd, 2006, 01:57 PM
So, you can put up pics of your tube fenders but not our Moab pics, SURE! I can't wait to see my hang time.

Priorities :flipoff2:

I've already seen the pics a few times:flipoff2:

June 2nd, 2006, 03:20 PM
Priorities :flipoff2:

I'm glad to hear you are fabbing up my tube fenders already, you're the bestest friend ever!!!!:lolly:

June 4th, 2006, 08:49 AM
Ok - I finally got around to resizing some. First up the sand dunes after playing smokey the bear :D

June 7th, 2006, 02:45 PM
Ok here are some from Rusty Nail


Teron on the first obstical


Spy on the bypass


Gag's on the bypass (note strap for Drama Queen aka Rover girl :flipoff2: )


RK on the bypass (not sure why she did not try the obstical :rolleyes: )


Me on the first obstical


Andy on the first obstical


Teron trying the optional line(could not quite make it)


RK on the second obstical


Rover Girl on the second


Me on the second (note lack of spotters - they all abandoned me for lunch :shrug: )


The start of this one gives you a little pucker factor :D







Somebody one the board rolled here earlier this year :shrug: :flipoff2:








[URL="http://www.colorado4x4.org/gallery/files/4/0/5/2/IMG_1224.jpg"] (http://www.colorado4x4.org/gallery/files/4/0/5/2/IMG_1246.jpg)

June 7th, 2006, 02:54 PM
Here's a few more from the end of GS.

The crack backwards :eek:




Check out the flex :D





Teron parking :lmao: