View Full Version : Lefthand-Carnage 5-7.. The trail fix.. sorry no pics

May 13th, 2006, 09:37 AM
I meant to post this sooner.. Someone asked if/how we fixed the rig.. so I thought I'd post since I saw a lot of Colo 4x4 guys that day. I'm sure some were curious. I know that without pics this is less interesting.. but should still be semi-amusing.

I didn't catch the names of the guys that helped us work the wheels the get the rig out of the trail.. again guys, THANKS! :beer:

We were in the black Toyotas + White Cruiser. The exo'ed Toy ext cab on 37s sheered the steering shaft and we didn't have a spare. It was a virgin run for all three rigs. We'll added several things to the trail-fix box of parts/tools after this run.

How we fixed it:
Without having any spare tube close to the diameter of the shaft, we were stuck using part of a hi-lift handle to sleeve the shaft and get it going. The only thing we had to cut the handle was an 8" bone saw :shrug: . We took turns with the saw and eventually got the sleeve. We removed what was left of the weak part of the shaft with an axe. Drilled the handle & shaft and used hood pins to keep it together and taped the piss out of it. All-in-all it took about 3 hours. We ran out of battery in the drill and used jumper wires off the rigs battery (with the engine running) to keep the drill alive. The fix actually worked well. The hi lift handle is now a welded-in permanent part of the steering.

Had a great time and won't soon forget that fix.