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May 8th, 2006, 07:53 AM
We had a smaller group this year with just 3 Grand Wagoneers; Shimniok, Flint, and myself had our rigs. Also along for the ride was my daughter Emma (my navigator) and Scott as our spotter.

My rear window shattered on our first day there but Michael had a spare at home so he carted it out with him the next day. easy 10 minute fix.

Friday we ran Bull Canyon for a little fun and to shake out the bugs. later in the day we ran Fins and Things and discovered my power steering wasn't working well with the welded front. The fluid seemed to explode out of the cap at one point. I changed out the fluid later that night in preparation for our GS,PS, GBR run the next day.

As soon as we hit Poison Spider I decided to leave my drivers side hub unlocked just to make steering a little easier. After the canyon where you have to turn left and head west'ish I snapped my rear driveshaft in half and had to winch up to a flat spot. There was a buggy from Cortez that made use of one a u-joint from my broken shaft. After changing out the spare we were rolling once again. Shortly after changing in the spare I heard the rear u-joint starting to go:mad: .

Flint was following me at one point and saw something fall of the jeep, we found that I had lost the cap to a front axle u-joint cup. It was just the top of the cup, looked like a quarter. So I unlocked the hub and locked up the drivers side. This was a 1 month old Spicer joint I had just put in.

It made it through the rest of the trail and back into town. A quick u-joint change the next day and we were Denver bound.

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Maybe Michael will post up some of his pictures.

Janky, I think we saw you a few times around town.


May 12th, 2006, 07:51 AM
here are some shots shimniok got http://homepage.mac.com/michael_shimniok/CFSJA/PhotoAlbum41.html and he has a sweet AVI of my rig http://tc.wagoneer.net/sblog/index.php