View Full Version : Another Moab Video - Hells Revenge/Metal Masher

March 31st, 2006, 11:05 AM
So I finally finished up with days three and four from our trip back in the fall. It's the third video in a series that I'm planning on putting on DVD so it kind of recaps the whole trip at the end. Anyway - here ya go...


Oh - it's around 80mb and 18mins.

The first two days can be found here. http://www.boulderredneck.com/PicArchive.aspx?vector=Four%20Wheeling/2005_11_Moab& We somehow ended up with multiple video shots of the same scenes on day two, so that video is probably the best of the lot.

Day one -
fins and things
porcupine rim
steel bender

Day two
poison spider
golden spike
gold bar rim

Days three and four
Hells revenge
Metal masher


March 31st, 2006, 01:57 PM
I believe that "crappy" tacoma showed you up on Metal Masher!!
haha, couldn't resist, I'm a yota fan

March 31st, 2006, 02:30 PM
I believe that "crappy" tacoma showed you up on Metal Masher!!
haha, couldn't resist, I'm a yota fan

It's all good fun! If it has four wheels and big tires I'm a fan. His Yota kicks ass.

But... you notice there isn't any video of him on Rock Chucker. :flipoff2:

March 31st, 2006, 06:26 PM
Nice music, thought i was wheeling with Rick Russell. That was a well edited video.

March 31st, 2006, 11:30 PM
That was great!!! Can't wait to go out there...12 days and counting:flipoff2:

April 1st, 2006, 08:42 PM
Nice Videos!! Love the music

Mike Boyle
April 1st, 2006, 08:46 PM
Excellent video. Thanks for posting.

April 1st, 2006, 11:53 PM
Nice video, loved it!

April 2nd, 2006, 11:12 AM
Cool. Some of my favorite runs there, but I broke my keyboard when I slammed my fist down on the 'MUTE' button as that damn "wee-dee-dee-dee the Lion sleeps tonight" tune started. You owe me a keyboard.

April 2nd, 2006, 04:39 PM
Awesome work. Killer tunes.
:hail: :D :beer:

Rex Ashton
April 3rd, 2006, 09:47 AM
Really excellent editing....Both videos were very enjoyable :beer:

April 3rd, 2006, 09:51 AM
That was a sweet video. Thanks for posting. I love the slick rock area.


April 4th, 2006, 08:43 AM
once again :thumbsup: Just got back sunday from dirtbiking those trails. Maybe you can vid my moab wheelin trip here in a couple months? hehe.....good work.

April 6th, 2006, 11:01 PM
that was an awesome video

April 8th, 2006, 08:01 AM
who sings the constantinople track? haha, I need to know now!! someone help me out, nice video...

April 8th, 2006, 10:25 AM
They might be Giants

Big Dave
April 8th, 2006, 01:08 PM
Awesome video, what kinda of camera did you guys use?

April 9th, 2006, 06:36 PM
partical man beats triangle man.

April 10th, 2006, 07:25 AM
Heh, love that album... nice vid what I could see of it with my antique, slow-ass computer ...

April 10th, 2006, 08:12 PM
Nice vids:thumbsup:

April 10th, 2006, 08:46 PM
Nice job on the video guys! :thumbsup: