View Full Version : 3.5" Rubicon Express SuperRide kit on a ZJ

June 8th, 2005, 09:55 PM
Kit comes with:
Adj. LCAs, front and rear
New coils
trac bar extension brackets

The Good:

This kit gives great flex to my ZJ. When I was running 31's, they would go completely below my stock body, and it pretty much exceeded my expectations in that respect. The kit came with DT 3000 shocks and haven't had a problem with them other than the threads on the top mount were filled with paint and made it really hard to install in the tight spot on the drivers side front.

The Bad:
Must be very careful when installing the new track bar brackets. I accidentally drilled out a new hole for the front track bar bracket a little too big, and once every 2 months or so, my steering gets all crazy. This only requires a quick tightening of the aviation nut I used to secure the bolt, but it sucks when you're on the highway and your steering wheel doesn't do anything from the 10 O'clock position to the 2 O'clock. The rear track bar bracket also has come loose twice now, but that's not because of my error, I don't know what is causing it. I guess that's just installer error, but be careful. The LCAs also required a lot of minute adjustment, but that's probably true with any adjustable suspension.
The coils are a little bendy in the front, and the fact that Ive got a v8 probably accounts for that. There is obviously not 3.5" net lift in the front, and just about that in the rear.

The Conclusion:
I would have not gone with the kit, and instead put a kit together on my own. For the person looking to lift their ZJ for the first time, I would go with a front to rear coil swap, 4.5" coils in the front, and adjustable track bars and LCAs. Although, with a 4.5" lift you MAY run into brake line problems when under extreme flex, or installing (I had to remove the calipers while installing at full axle droop).

So.. all in all, don't go with this kit, make your own. After having it for about 8 months there is a lot I would change, both performance wise and for the potential to go bigger. With adjustable suspension components, you only have to buy them once. Hopefully.

July 20th, 2005, 08:57 PM
What? Someone north of Monument Hill that's not a RE fan!