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June 6th, 2005, 11:00 AM
Everyone knows that bumpers aren't a cheap investment and shouldn't be taken lightly. After researching bumpers for my XJ for the past couple months and gathering as much info as I could possibly lay my hands on, on a dozen different manufacturers, I opted for Rigidco. My new Rigidco bumpers were delivered this weekend.. front and rear w/ carrier. First off, I'll start off with the pricing: AMAZING! The front "FbG" bumper retails for $350.00 plus shipping ($40 to denver). The rear bumper WITH carrier that'll easily support a 35" spare w/ extra's: $500.00 plus shipping.

After spending a total of about 3+ hours (i'm not exhagerating at all) on the phone with the owner, Terry Tucker, over several weeks, I'm convinced that these really are, hands down, the best XJ/MJ bumpers on the market. He's a pretty small operation with just him and his son hand building every bumper by hand. They're both engineer's and go through the hassle of stress testing and "real world use" of several prototypes before offering them to the public for retail.

One thing I noticed about the bumpers was the attention they paid to the finishing. I can't imagine how much time they spent on cleaning all the edges and beveling every drilled mounting hole. The front bumper incorporates a steering box braces that continues back further than a C-ROK brace, super burly clevis mounts that tie into the frame rail points, 2" reciver hitch, etc. It also has 22 points of tie-in's for the the front bumper alone. 9 points on each side on the frame rails and 4 points on the bulk head. The rear bumper includes a class 3+ hitch, rebuildable spindle loaded with all Timken bearings, brass resting pad for the carrier, adjustable mounting carrier (so you can move it from the center to the side depending on if you want to carry a can), hi-lift mount, Gerry can holder, all stainless steel marine grade hardware, etc. Along with each bumper, he includes a bound folder containing precise instructions for installation & bumper maintenance/care and a bag that easily weighs in at 5+ lbs of every bolt and fastener needed for each including "extra" bolts and nuts seperated by their own bags and clearly marked as to where they're used in the installation.

After recieving the bumpers, I'm absolutely convienced that these are definitely not $350/$500 bumpers. I'd easily pay $600 for the front and a lot more for the rear.

The only drawback.. they only make bumpers for XJ's and MJ's. Also, due to building these by hand, there is usually about a month wait on all bumpers. If you order front and rear bumpers, he'll cut you a discount. I walked away with front and rear bumpers w/ carrier AND shipping to Denver for $890.

I'll post up a bunch of pics of them tonight, unmounted and straight from the box. Also, if you're on the north end of town and want to swing by for a look before I install these badboys, lemme know.

little info:
Terry Tucker - owner
www.rigidco.com (http://www.rigidco.com) (website needs some serious updating)

Any questions or comments, definitely feel free to contact me!

April 17th, 2006, 01:23 PM
Did you ever get pictures of the bumpers? I am about to order and would like to see the rear with carrier.

Cruzin Illusion
April 17th, 2006, 01:29 PM
Tiff, I had the Rigidco bumper on the back of my rig at the Expo. If you would like to see pictures I can email them to you.


April 17th, 2006, 01:30 PM
Be ready to wait about 5 months for a bumper. Terry had some delays with production. I ordered mine in January, he said it wouldn't be available until June. Sweet bumpers though, I like the RBM modified (wrap around). Good protection.

April 17th, 2006, 01:48 PM
Pic swould be awesome Tom. I remember looking at your bumper and really liking the design...but don't remeber it enough to remember it :)