View Full Version : Flex-A-Lite fans

May 6th, 2005, 02:34 PM
A big thumbs up to Flex-A-Lite and especially David Heutmaker in their customer service dept. The fan I got (model #475 from Quadratec) had excellent instructions and all high quality components. For my application (2.5L four banger) I needed an additional bracket to hold the radiator overflow reservoir and the power steering fluid reservoir. I pulled up the FAL website and fired off an email asking how to obtain this needed bracket. David not only responded to ALL of my emails (I know, unheard of these days) but he always did so within minutes of me sending them to him. Wow, a guy at work in a customer service department that is actually doing his job, but doing it well!!! [insert David Spade/Capitol One "NO" guy here - that is what I'm used to!] Said bracket is in route DHL style as we speak.

I highly reccommend Flex-A-Lite products not only for their quality, but on their service alone!!