View Full Version : ODIN DESIGNS - RTT (Roof Top Tent)

July 2nd, 2017, 08:27 AM
“IF” you are in the market for a RTT, you may find value in taking a look at this brand. (& it's a Colorado Company!)
I Purchased an Odin Designs RTT in the spring. Gotta say; the company customer service in itself, sets them apart from the others I tried to investigate. While it appears to be true; several of these tent companies have their tents made in the same factory, subtle, yet important differences do exist. From what I have gathered, the selling company can “spec” the fine details per their values. I found the owner of Odin Designs (Reuben Davison) to be mentally connected with the specific features only somebody who has spent a substantial amount of time using a roof top tent would value and be aware of. Honest disclosure: when I buy an item like this, I’m a pain, because I have limited knowledge/experience and so many detailed questions to ask. Reuben was extremely generous with his time, which I found was a virtually non-existent concept with the representatives of the other companies I tried to interact with.

Differences “include” (but are not limited to) such things as:
• Timely procurement of the tent and whether or not there are cost incentives.
• Metal (aluminum) base/floor vs. a composite like material which is less ridged and sometimes vulnerable to rot, mold and decay and breakage.
• Particular fabric characteristics, including fabric weights impacting the overall weight of the tent which in the end “may” have an impact on center of gravity (more or less top heavy).
Considerations also might include the fabric “waterproofness” and breathability.
• Anti-condensation mat. Huge item of importance because the truth is; you will have condensation and it will go somewhere. You don’t want it being absorbed in the mattress.
• Proper ventilation/screening allowing for venting.
• Pole/Frame sizing.
• Fabric wrapped metal poles preventing condensation from dripping onto you or the items below.
• The ability to completely enclose yourself in a “no gap” area where creepy-crawly things can’t get to you while you rest.
• Ladder Style: Odin used the nicer telescoping style.
• The Warranty. Is it a warranty that is easy to take advantage of? Odin looks to make sure you are aware of, and use their service so you can keep using their tents. Let’s face it; if you use the
heck out of your gear, you’ll probably need some sort of support at some time in its lifespan. With the investment cost of a quality RTT, you want to extend that lifespan out as long as
possible. With proper care and usage, Odin should help make the use last indefinite.

Summary: I like the tent quality and features. I like the company business style and personnel. I am comfortable enough with my purchase to recommend them. Look ‘em up: Odin Designs Inc.