View Full Version : Malossi vs Aethena Cylinder Kits

September 16th, 2014, 07:39 PM
I picked up a couple of 70cc kits for the ladies and I's Zuma scoots.

I ended up with both an Aethena and a Malossi, got them both at good deals. I was sitting on the Aethena for a winter project and ended up getting the other one just a couple weeks ago.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the differences, b/c I didn't know. I would imagine it would run for both the product lines?

My over all impression is the Malossi is a much, much better designed and engineered kit.

1st off the Malossi has double piston rings, the aethena kit has a single ring! Wtf?

2nd the Malossi uses a finely machined head and an o ring vs a head gasket.

3rd the Aethena kit comes with a handleful of base gaskets, and you have to find the right combination to get the right clearance for the piston by measuring "squish"

I put the Malossi on my girls Zuma last week b/c it had no compression, and was basically dead. The kit went together smooth as silk and once the scoot was apart, it was back up and running in about a half hour.

For the jetting, I went to the local hobby shop and picked up a .82 mm hobby drill bit and was able to drill out the jet with it and a pair of vice grips.

I put an extra cap full of two stroke in the tank for the break in period and the little sucker is humming. Need to swap the rollers to some lighter ones because it's over revving a little.

Other then that it's good to go.

So my $.02 if you have a choice, buy the Malossi, I might still put the Aethena kit on, but am entertaining selling it for another Malossi....