View Full Version : Nemesis Industries Aluminum Skids for JK - product testing HCP4x4 style

November 14th, 2012, 10:41 AM
Nemesis Industries officially released their all aluminum skid plates for Jeep JK at SEMA last month, but what you didn't know is they gave Erik Rudolph at our shop a set to test out in Moab to see if they could withstand a beating and keep on protecting. They did. (Erik has what we refer to as the "pretty jeep" which is his JK that he doesn't treat like his TJ. His TJ is darn close to turning into the Valtastrophe part II).


We give :thumbsup::thumbsup: to these new light weight skids from Nemesis Industries. They will work with short arm or long arm kits and completely replace the gas tank skid. Plus the design on the skids have reinforcement where it needs to be (they are not just a piece of plate aluminum). They come in bare aluminum and can be powder coated or painted to your liking.

If you want to see these skids in person, the jeep that is in the video is here at our shop and you can see first hand how well they held up.