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August 27th, 2002, 08:33 AM
from Da Boss in an earlier thread about Reader's Rigs
First some background:
We had several discussions regarding the "best" way to sort this forum, namely by date or alphabetically. We decided by date was good because you saw the most recent additions, but it was bad because every person has the option to limit the threads they see based on date. So, unless you changed your setting to see all the posts you'd only see the ones from the last few days. Also you couldn't easily scan for someone's rig, you have to do a Search. We instead chose to sort alphabetically which lists ALL posts (rig) as an archive like this should. New posts to you still appear highlighted, they just don't appear at the top of the list. The only catch is that we rely on YOU to make it work properly and thus the Readers Rigs Posting Guidlines which clearly state that your subject line needs to start with your username. This way the whole forum is sorted by username and it's easy to checkout someone's rig without having to use the Search to find it.

The problem:
A quick peek at the Readers Rigs forum will reveal that numerous users have strayed from this simple approach. If we are to retain the alphabetical listing then this is unacceptable.

Option 1. Neither Rif nor I have the time to edit each post for you to restore proper sorting so, if you have strayed from the posting guidelines, we need you to edit your post and correct your subject line listing your username first. After allowing a reasonable time to correct your post (a week or two perhaps) all posts in violation of the guidelines will be removed. Takes too long for me to edit your posts for you, but only takes me a few minutes to yank them completely.

Option 2. Switch to sorting by date which brings the limitations mentioned above along with it.

Lemme know your thoughts on this issue, otherwise Option 1 is effective immediately and I'll procede with housecleaning starting September 1st.Da Boss has turned this one over to me. With a quick survey of the Reader's Rig Forum not many have bothered to refresh their subject line as requested. I can only assume that you don't care about the Forum or your Reader's Rig entry. Your timeline for accomplishing your edits is about to run out. The forum will be cleaned starting Monday the 1st of September at 8am CET (Central European Time) That's 1 am for all you living in the Mountain Time Zone. Clocks ticking...

While we're on the subject, the For Sale Forum suffers from the same lack of attention and courtesy by the person trying to sell stuff.

Note: Please be courteous and delete your ad after you've sold the item. To delete your ad simply edit your post, select the "Delete" checkbox, and submit the changes.

I propose all ads older than one month will also be deleted. There's 13 pages of stuff there with the oldest post dating back to 14 May 2002. If you still have it forsale and the ad is still good bump it to the top, if not delete it per the guidelines.

Same rules apply to the Wanted Forum,

Note: Please be courteous and delete your ad after you've found what you needed. To delete your ad simply edit your post, select the "Delete" checkbox, and submit the changes.

Any thread older than one month goes to the circular file.

Da Boss just reminded me same rules apply to the Testing Forum as well. One month and to the circular file.

Thanks, Bob graemlins/beer.gif

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August 27th, 2002, 12:32 PM
Alot of us care about the forum. Readers rigs is nice but a luxury. I changed my topic the day Eric posted. I'm sure others did as well.....

August 27th, 2002, 05:13 PM
Readers Rigs is no longer listed on the forum summary page, but I assure you it still exists. It is still accessible from the navigation menu on the left and I'll be adding a feature to the front page which will be very similar to the "Current Topics". This cleans up the forum summary (since it wasn't really a forum) and will provide a convenient way to see the latest additions to the collection graemlins/beer.gif

Also, there is still a bug in this software where the forum doesn't reorganize itself after you edit your post. So, don't be alarmed if your post is still in the wrong location after fixing your subject line. Before housecleaning begins we'll sort the posts which will put things back in order. Then the cleaning begins graemlins/devil.gif graemlins/thefinger.gif

August 27th, 2002, 06:08 PM
Originally posted by D_Roc:
Alot of us care about the forum. Readers rigs is nice but a luxury. I changed my topic the day Eric posted. I'm sure others did as well.....I'm with D_Roc on this one. Your memory sucks Bob. graemlins/thefinger.gif :D I changed mine after I posted my thoughts on the subject and offered help in the original thread.

What do you mean by Cleanout? As in Delete? Thats lame if you ask me. I'd be happy to spend the time it takes to put a username in front of a subject of those who haven't done it. Sure, you're helping the lazy, but so what. It's easier for someone to volunteer the time than for everyone who's in violation to have to go in and redo their section. Deleting just takes away something from the board that could be just fine with a 5 second change. Heck, in looking, most people HAVE changed stuff. So there's only like a page or so that'd need to be changed.

-= Jay =-

August 27th, 2002, 08:44 PM
See "Option 1" from Da Boss.

To clarify if you have not corrected your Readers Rig post and formatted it per the Reader's Rig Forum guidelines by Sept 1st the you get the axe. If you've already done so then why are you bothering me??? :D graemlins/thefinger.gif And yes my memory does suck. tongue.gif

I have mixed feelings on just deleting posts because the owner didn't meet the deadline, but then again if they haven't met the deadline or heard of the deadline then how often do they come around and why should pictures of their rig be pushing you farther down the list???

Being the nice guy that I am (and having a 4 day weekend with nothing to do) I'll fix all the slacker's posts.

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Rex Ashton
August 28th, 2002, 10:57 AM
I emphatically agree that there needs to be more emphasis on deleting For Sale/Wanted threads when the item is sold/found. It's frustrating wasting your time replying to a thread and typing PM's for an item that doesn't exist.

I never thought about the test section, but I got my test threads outta there.

Cheers to Bob for doing other people's work! graemlins/beer.gif

August 28th, 2002, 01:30 PM
lol Rex I am gonna buy you a model to set behind that big ford of your with a tow bar!

August 31st, 2002, 07:31 AM
HOUSEKEEPING UPDATE As of now the For Sale, Wanted, Testing and Stagging Area Forums have been "swept". I will continue to do this on a regular, i.e. monthly basis. These 4 forums serve no purpose if the threads are months and months old (year - stagging). They are more of a here and now sort of Forums. I'll be sweeping them to clear the previous months posts some where on or about the first day of the month.

We'll run with this for awhile and see what happens. Any comments, questions or concerns, please post them.

I may whittle that shelf life down abit in the Stagging and Testing Forums by either sweeping twice a month or changing the parameters of the sweep to say 20 days.

Thanks, Bob graemlins/beer.gif

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September 2nd, 2002, 04:22 PM
Does the BBS software not have a way to set a Maximum Age of posts in a particular forum??

-= Jay =-

September 2nd, 2002, 05:36 PM
Originally posted by Rhyas:
Does the BBS software not have a way to set a Maximum Age of posts in a particular forum??
Nope. Would be nice, but for now we have to remember to do it on our own schedule. Thankfully we don't have to delete post by post, at least the pruning task is automated and goes fairly quickly. Hopefully they'll add what you describe in a future software update.