View Full Version : Falken Rocky Mountain ATS 315/70/17

September 12th, 2012, 10:27 AM
Just picked a set up for my tow rig, a Dodge CTD SB, QC, 4x4.

I was looking for an E range since I carry a cabover and tow the Jeeps as well. I had been looking at the Bridgestone Revos since they are one of the few that offer an E range AT tire in a 35. I looked at as well, the BFG KO which comes in a D range in that size. I have ran them before on another similar Dodge with good results, but crap, they seem to jump in price every month.

I came across the Falken and the price was almost 100 cheaper per tire than the BFG and the Bridgestone were going to be special order.

After some research I discovered the Falkens come with a 50k warranty, and the load range is a D but rated at 3195 at 50 psi. That's 195 more than the BFG. As well, the Falkens have a 3 ply sidewall too. When I physically handled the tire, it was pretty heavy. The entire sidewall felt to be at least an inch thick. Mounted on my stock Dodge Alloy wheels, they have very square construction unlike some tires on 8" wheels that are rounded out towards the edges.

I have only put 50 miles on them and that is with my camper loaded. The truck handled excellent and my 68 - 78 mph vibration I used to have with the stock BFG E range Rugged Trails is all gone.

I have to give BIG props to the crew at Discount Tire in Farmington New Mexico. They prorated my old Yokahama tires I had on my other Dodge that I just traded in, plus gave me a credit for old Predator wheels I had bought from them a few years ago. I was OTD for $850 with warranty certs. Their customer service is outstanding as well. There is a rumor they are going to build a DT here in Durango next year.

This truck is used as our base camping rig, winter DD, and trip truck. So I will update as I put more mileage on these.

September 20th, 2012, 04:27 PM
I just put a set on my 2003 F-250, I don't drive a lot, but so far like them a lot. Winter is coming! We will see how they are.

October 13th, 2012, 04:49 PM
After I got my camper unloaded, I have driven the truck less than 200 miles and have a bad bounce.

With 2K+ of weight I did not notice I think because the suspension was absorbing it all. With the truck unloaded, I felt it then and the whole truck was transmitting all the vibes.

Were currently sitting at Discount Tire and after they replaced 3, and found a 4th new one off the shelf to be out of round, they offered me a complete new set of BFG's for only $77 more for all 4 out the door. All my certs transfer over too. Big props to Discount here in Farmington. Super crew here.

Word is they want to build in Durango which will be a welcome business especially if they bring the same customer service!

So, I have had the BFG's before, and actually these have the same weight rating of 3195 @ 50 psi. I will update the ride quality of these after some mileage under them as well.

EDIT: Just got home a little while ago. Bounce is all gone so far (50 mile drive for us from Discount). Too bad, because I really liked the looks and tread pattern of the Falken.