View Full Version : Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Front Bumper for JK

July 18th, 2012, 09:22 AM
Last weekend I finally installed my PSC Brawler Lite front bumper and skid plate on my JK. I don't have any pics to upload but there are plenty here to see what it looks like installed: http://shop.poisonspyder.com/JK-Brawler-Lite-Front-Bumper-w-Brawler-Bar-Bare-p/17-59-010-b.htm#ps-ig

I bought the bumper new from Northridge 4x4. They were able to powdercoat it before shipping it to me (which PSC doesn't offer) and it arrived without a scratch (with free shipping!).

The bumper and skid plate are quite beefy and there is no question they are up for the job. I'm very happy with the quality of the build and would recommend it to anyone that was in the market for a stubby front bumper.

There were a few bumps in the road when it came time to install that would have been helpful to know before I spent all Saturday afternoon fighting to get it installed. It seems that the guys at PSC did NOT try to install this bumper on a 2012 JK (at least on a 2012 JK Rubicon Unlimited like mine) because some of the instructions were wrong. If you're installing this on a 2012 JK AND you are using the skid plate, you should know the following (none of this applies if you aren't installing the skid plate too)

- The instructions tell you to trim 7/8" of the outer edge of your crash bar. On the 2012, you only need to trim the underside of the crash bar side mounts by 1/4". I would suggest sliding the bumper / skid in place first before cutting to see exactly where it hits before cutting. (unless you don't care about the crash bar and are OK cutting the whole thing off)
- The skid plate mounts onto the bumper with 9 bolts. You cannot install all 9 bolts - the bolts that are just below the area in between the bumper frame mounts will hit the frame mount when you try to install the bumper. This took me 20 minutes to figure out. The bolt head hits the frame mount and prevents you from sliding the bumper all the way in place. I don't think removing these 2 bolts will compromise the integrity of the skid plate but if you are concerned with this, I don't see a work-around except for welding the skid onto the bumper or cutting a notch out of your frame mount.

After I figured these two things out, the bumper install went smoothly. It was a bit of a challenge tightening all 8 of the bolts that mount the bumper to the frame due to it being a pretty tight space under there w/ the skid plate on, but I was able to do so.

If you have any questions about the install, I'd be happy to answer them.