View Full Version : Anyone here ridden the 24hrs of Glen Helen?

February 20th, 2012, 03:21 PM
I'm thinking about reworking the YZ450F and doing Glen Helen this year, the 24 hour race with a four-man team, being me and my brother-in-laws. My wife has three younger brothers. The youngest is 15 years old and races AMA. The two other brothers are also very accomplished riders and have raced so, skill will not be a problem. The problem is my 450 is the last of the steel frame Yamaha's and the BIL that lives with me, Jimmy, doesn't care for it because he says it is heavy. His older brother Joe is a big boy and has no problem with it but Jim is afraid he and Paul, the youngest, will get whooped by the big bike over a race that long. Paul races the 250's and Jim has one of the old race bikes at the house so he is used to riding a slightly lighter bike as well. By the way, Paul is as tall as Joe, who is 6'-3" and Jim is 6'-5". I'm the runt of the team at 6'-1".

I am a lazy rider and like the big bike because I use the throttle to steer, no effort needed, it doesn't wear me out :D I'm about to do some motor work to it to prep it for the race that ought to give it enough ponies to run down a factory ride :evil: I don't see the problem here.

Thoughts and/or experiences with this race?

February 20th, 2012, 06:20 PM
I haven't ridden the 24 hours of Glen Helen but that was my hometown track racing MX on ATVs from 2001-2005. It can get very rough in a short period time and during that race I can only imagine how nasty would be. That being said, I agree that rider fatigue and reliability would be the two main concerns. You gave a height range but how about weights? Finding an ideal suspension setup may be a challenge. Also, some coaching of the young one may be in order regarding smart and safe riding. Keeping it on two wheels and you guys healthy will go a lot farther than clearing every gap each lap!

February 20th, 2012, 06:55 PM
The suspension set up is going to be very challenging. The weight range is from about 160lbs to 250lbs. I don't see one set up working well for all, I see adjustments being made between riders. We also have the ability of a second bike for that race but, the second bike has to sit in the impound. I'm not sure of the rules yet but, it might be better to set a 250 up for the two smaller guys and the 450 up for me and Joe, then swap them out of the impound when necessary. Since it is a long race, the other option is to set the bike up very soft for the bigger guys and it would be just a little stiff for the lighter youngster. He is a pretty smart rider and I think he would keep his head but no doubt, there will be a pep talk and game plan discussion before the race. I don't have any dreams of us winning this race, I just think it would be a great experience for all of us and we can just race via lap times amongst ourselves.