View Full Version : Have you sledders been seeing any avalanches lately?

February 13th, 2012, 05:08 PM
I did a hut trip over the weekend with some pretty intensive ski touring, and from what I saw, the snowpack is in a sorry shape (this was my first day in the BC this year, out of respect of both bony conditions as well as avy danger). While I was in this area, I both saw the remains of, and in one case, heard a new avalanche every day on susceptible slopes close to where I was skiing. I also felt the snowpack collapse under my skis a handful of times, earning me that pretty spooky "whoomph" sound. To be sure, I was never in any measurable danger: we had dug a pit before getting on avy terrain, and based on what we learned about the considerable instability, we decidedly kept our travel limited to safer areas, which we determined to be slopes under 25*, or on slopes that were cross-loaded, under 20*.

Anyway, I was close enough to Vail Pass to hear the snowmobilers, and one of the slides I saw would have been plainly visible to sledders in the adjoining valley.

So, has anyone seen any big slides recently, or even triggered any slides?